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Chapter 958: 958

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When Long Yang saw the embarrassed look on her face, a sense of frustration was mixed into his current unhappiness.

His gaze fell on the top of her head. He wanted to ask her why she had gone out of the Palace. However, he found himself instead saying, “I still have work to finish in the imperial study. I’ll head over now.”

Lu Liangwei blinked her bright eyes. He had begun to act so formally, which meant that His Majesty must be quite furious.


She exhaled. “Alright. I’m a little tired too. I’ll head inside for some rest.”

When Long Yang saw that she was not going to invite him inside with her, the look on his face darkened again.

Lu Liangwei paused for a moment when she noticed he was staying silent, then she turned to walk toward Grand Phoenix Palace.

Long Yang stared at her retreating back, still waiting for her to turn around and ask him to follow her. However, Lu Liangwei was already about to enter Grand Phoenix Palace and still showed no sign of extending an invite. His eyes narrowed and he was about to make a move when a servant hurriedly came reporting at that moment.

“Your Highness, Prince Wanyan has entered the Palace.”

Lu Liangwei stopped in her steps and turned back. She gave this some thought and instructed, “Invite him to the imperial study.”

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“Yes, Your Highness.” The servant immediately left.

Long Yang’s gaze fell on Lu Liangwei’s face as his eyes narrowed. “What do you want with Wanyan Jin?”

Lu Liangwei had wanted to talk to him about this earlier, but his sudden appearance and fury over Jiu had caught her off guard, which caused her to forget about this.

Now that the topic was raised again, she gave him a summary of what had happened at the Grand Princess of Ning Mansion.

Long Yang looked both shocked and enraged when he finished listening. He closed the distance to Lu Liangwei and held her by the shoulder, glaring angrily at her. “You put yourself in danger?”

“It’s not how you’re imagining it. I had planned everything in advance to make sure nothing would happen.” Lu Liangwei frowned, not too bothered by it.

Long Yang stared at her for quite a while before sneering. “Lu Liangwei, you’re really something, aren’t you?”

With that, he turned to leave in a huff.

Lu Liangwei put her palm to her forehead and turned to look at Chu Qi. “Your master’s angry. How do I pacify him?

Chu Qi darted him a look. “Just ignore him for a few days and he’ll improve.”

Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow. “Sounds good.”

Chu Qi did not say anything else and walked away with an air of confidence.

Lu Liangwei gave a small smile as she watched the back of the arrogant young man as he left.

She stood where she was for a while before finally deciding to head to the imperial study.

She had ordered for Wanyan Luosang to be detained in the Palace and even Wanyan Jin was there. She was the one who had arranged everything—she could not be uninvolved.

By the time Lu Liangwei arrived at the imperial study, Wanyan Jin was already present. As for Wanyan Luosang, she was being held by the imperial guards and was kneeling on the ground. She looked disheveled and had no trace of being a noble princess.

Wanyan Luosang glared at her with utter rage when she walked in.

Lu Liangwei was not bothered by her, but Long Yang had noticed her animosity and his face turned grim. A sly look crossed his face. “I see Princess Wanyan must not want her eyes anymore.”

Wanyan Luosang gave a start and immediately turned her gaze away. She looked toward Wanyan Jin and begged for help. “Big Brother, I didn’t do anything. Lu Liangwei was the one who tricked me. You must save me!”

“Prince Wanyan, is this the sincerity and courtesy offered by Danjue? How could a princess like her dare call out the noble name of my Empress?” Long Yang’s almond-shaped eyes narrowed and the look he gave Wanyan Luosang was like she was dead to him.

Wanyan Jin was never healthy in the first place, and now his face was so pale, it was almost translucent.

He frowned and his gaze gently brushed past Lu Liangwei.

He had underestimated her.

He had thought all she had was a beautiful face. It had never crossed his mind that she was a vicious and capable schemer.

Luosang had stepped into her trap readily and she had gotten herself into this fatal mess.

The person Lu Liangwei had sent to inform Wanyan Jin about this had explained the situation to him while he was on his way. He did not believe them, of course. However, Luosang’s personal subordinates were also brought into the Palace and he had asked them about what had transpired. Luosang had indeed attempted to assassinate Lu Liangwei, and she had done it under the public eye. Everyone had seen it for themselves.

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