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Chapter 960: 960

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Long Yang had no interest in the gold mine. “In my eyes, no gold mine is more important than the Empress. If Prince Wanyan plans to exchange a mere gold mine for the criminal who attempted to assassinate the Empress, I cannot agree to it.”

Lu Liangwei was stunned. She turned to look at him. She saw the serious look in the man’s eyes and knew he was not about to back down anytime soon.

Wanyan Jin had not expected Long Yang to reject such a valuable acquisition without any hesitation.

His heart sank lower.

It looked like Long Yang was adamant about Luosang paying with her life.

Wanyan Luosang finally felt the shadow of death looming over her.

Cold sweat dripped down her face as she pulled tightly on the corner of her brother’s robe. She shook her head and said fearfully, “Big Brother, I don’t want to die. Please save me…”

Wanyan Jin lowered his head to look at her. A complicated look appeared in his eyes.

He could not turn his back against her no matter what.

He was about to say something when the servants at the door informed, “Your Majesty, the Danjue ambassadors are seeking an audience.”

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Wanyan Jin was shocked. Why were they here?

He quickly looked at the Emperor and Empress sitting behind the imperial table.

“Please invite them in.” Long Yang’s tone sounded indifferent and it was difficult to figure out what he was thinking.

It was not long before the Danjue ambassadors were led by the servants into the room.

The ambassadors were all aware of what had happened before they entered the Palace.

The moment they stepped into the imperial study, an ambassador said with a sense of righteousness, “Princess Luosang has committed a serious crime by attempting to assassinate the Empress. She should be punished accordingly.”

“The princess was reckless and should not escape from the country’s law. However, this was her personal action and has nothing to do with Danjue. We ask the Great Shang’s Emperor to investigate this thoroughly.”

“That’s right. Please do not doubt Danjue’s determination and sincerity in building a relationship with your country just because of her, Your Majesty.”

Each of them voiced out with great righteousness, doing their best to draw a line between Danjue and Wanyan Luosang.

Wanyan Luosang fell to the ground in desperation, staring at these ambassadors in disbelief.

Wanyan Jin looked at the ugly faces of these ambassadors, feeling enraged, but Luosang had been caught with witnesses and even if he wanted to save her, there was nothing he could do.

Right at that moment, he felt an unbearable itch in his throat and he began coughing violently.

There was a slight spark in Long Yang’s eyes as he said to Zhao Qian, “Prince Wanyan doesn’t look well. Help him to the side hall for some rest and get an imperial physician to check on him.”

Zhao Qian understood Long Yang’s meaning and immediately went forward to help Wanyan Jin.

An unnatural flush appeared on Wanyan Jin’s ghostly pale face due to his coughing.

He had to almost completely rely on Zhao Qian’s support.

A helpless dejection enveloped Wanyan Luosang as she watched Wanyan Jin leave the imperial study. “Big Brother, don’t leave me alone…”

Wanyan Jin paused in his steps for a moment, but then strode out of the imperial study determinedly.

His coughing echoed further away as he left.

Wanyan Luosang could no longer call out to him. The palace guards came forward and covered her mouth as they dragged her away.

Wanyan Luosang’s eyes widened as she shot deathly stares at the two people seated at their thrones.

Long Yang frowned and he suddenly reached out to press Lu Liangwei’s head into his arms. He turned to give Chu Qi a look.

Chu Qi had been with his Master for quite a long time and all it took was one look for him to understand what Long Yang wanted. He immediately went off to do his duty.

Not only did his master want Wanyan Luosang dead, but he also wanted her eyes.

How dare she give such a look to the Empress?

The Danjue ambassadors sighed with relief as they turned to Long Yang and said, “There’s no time like the present. Why not have our alliance confirmed today?”

Long Yang released Lu Liangwei as if nothing happened and replied casually, “I have no issues with this, but as for Prince Wanyan…”

“There would be no issues with Prince Wanyan as well,” the ambassador replied immediately.

Since Wanyan Jin had given up on Wanyan Luosang, there would not be a problem with an alliance between the two countries.

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