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Chapter 972: 972

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Chen Qiyu spat these words rather brusquely.

Zhao Heng did not mind. “I can’t say for sure if he is courting death, but he was unable to get over his fiancée for the past half-year. He’s been holding himself back for so long and now he’s finally made the decision to go to the imperial capital.”

Chen Qiyu frowned. “Doesn’t he know that he is wanted by the imperial court? He’s taking himself right into a trap by going there.”

“It’s really not that serious. I’m an expert at the Art of Disguise and I changed his face to look like another person. If he can’t find a flaw in the disguise, no one else can either,” Zhao Heng said confidently.

Chen Qiyu shot him a look but said nothing. She knew he was not lying.

After she got to know the man better, she discovered that he was not only proficient at handling poisons, but he also had a pair of nimble hands when it came to the Art of Disguise.

He was considered a master of his craft.

Meanwhile, Lu Yunshuang was at the inn, trying to find out more about Chen Qiyu from the server.

After the server eventually left, Zeng Lunan noticed his daughter’s grim expression. He asked, “What’s wrong? Do you know that lady innkeeper?”

Lu Yunshuang clenched her teeth. “I don’t just know her, there’s an undying resentment between us!”

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Zeng Lunan was taken aback. He could tell that she was craving revenge. He quickly tried to talk her out of it. “It’s not wise for us to create further problems at this time. It’s more important that we reach Southern Xinjiang as soon as possible.”

Lu Yunshuang looked unhappy. Her eyes glinted with viciousness. “How can I turn away now that we’ve bumped into each other?”

At present, Lu Yunshuang had been thrown into a terrible predicament. She was living like a rat on the streets while Chen Qiyu, who could never hold a candle to her, was still in one piece, even living a nice and carefree life in this little city. How dare she?

“What are you planning to do?” Zeng Lunan was now quite familiar with his daughter’s temperament and his tone was surprisingly calm.

Lu Yunshuang suddenly laughed. She touched the empty sleeve on her right and said wickedly, “I want her to have a taste of the pain and misery I’m suffering, of course.”

There was nothing Zeng Lunan could do. When he saw how much anguish his daughter was in, it made him feel her pain as well.


Even though Chen Qiyu owned a few businesses in the city, she would still return to Chen Village to settle down every day before the city gates were shut.

Chen Village was a small village not far off from the little city. The people there lived a plain and simple life. Duke Chen and his family had settled in very quickly after arriving there as the entire village shared the surname ‘Chen’.

The people from the village had gone their separate ways long before Duke Chan and his family arrived, which was why Chen Village was currently only left with Duke Chen, Aunt Liu, and Chen Qiyu.

After experiencing a great turbulence in their lives, both the elderly Duke Chen and Aunt Liu now enjoyed the peaceful farm life they were currently living and Chen Village proved very comfortable for them.

Chen Qiyu left the city, steering a horse-drawn carriage on her own after giving detailed instructions to the employees of her shops for the day.

When her carriage was traversing a particularly quiet road, it suddenly hit a piece of rock and tipped to one side.

Chen Qiyu frowned. She had passed this road several times every day and it was always clean and flat, yet now she struck a rock for no apparent reason. She found this quite strange.

The road was extremely quiet and she did not plan to slow down to check her carriage. Instead, she raised her whip mightily to urge the horse forward.

However, the whip was caught by someone before her hand managed to fall.

A chill ran through Chen Qiyu when she saw a man suddenly appear before her.

It was a lonely spot and the sun was setting. This immediately made her imagine multiple horrible possibilities.

However, as someone who had experienced her fair share of bad situations, she managed to calm herself down quickly.

“Sir, is anything the matter? Why did you stop my carriage all of a sudden?”

The man opposite her said nothing, but a woman who looked as old and wizened as him suddenly appeared from the side. She took one look at Chen Qiyu and began laughing.

The sound of the laughter did not match the woman’s aged appearance. One could tell from her voice that she was quite young.

Chen Qiyu gaped at her in astonishment.

The old woman stopped laughing. Without warning, she closed the distance to Chen Qiyu and dragged her off the carriage.

“Long time no see, Chen Qiyu. To think that you’ve turned into a country bumpkin, hah!”

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