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Chapter 980: 980

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However, apart from that tinge of sadness, he was not devastated at all.

Actually, after Lu Yunshuang had left Xuyang, he had predicted that she would be in danger and hence sent Jiang Chong to protect her.

He never expected that Lu Yunshuang would arrive at the imperial capital unscathed but end up getting killed on her way back.

“Who killed her?” Long Chi asked after a long silence.

It was already dark at that time, and the situation was extremely chaotic, but Jiang Chong had still managed to see the killer clearly.

“It was Beauty Chen,” he replied firmly.

“Chen Qiyu?” Long Chi was startled.

The magnitude of this surprise was far greater than the impact that Lu Yunshuang’s death had brought him.

He had never given up searching for Chen Qiyu, but after sending out batches and batches of his men, he still failed to locate her. Never did he imagine that she would run into Lu Yunshuang.

Knowing that he had been looking for Chen Qiyu, Jiang Chong immediately answered, “Yes.”

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Hearing this, Long Chi clenched his fists. “Her child…”


“I didn’t see any children with her, but I did see a man rescue her. I wanted to go after her, but a group of assassins suddenly showed up and foiled our plan.”

“Where was she?” Long Chi narrowed his eyes.

“In Thousand Village City,” replied Jiang Chong.

“Go and find out where she is right away,” Long Chi ordered in a low voice.

“Yes, My Liege,” Jiang Chong answered respectfully. Remembering something, he asked, “How should we deal with Mr. Zeng?”

“I’ll go and see him.” After thinking for a moment, Long Chi said.

Since being brought back by Jiang Chong, Zeng Lunan had been staying in his previous side courtyard.

Several days had passed, and he was still down in the dumps.

He did not even get up when Long Chi walked in.

Seeing him in such a state, Long Chi said dolefully, “Mr. Zeng, I’m also devastated by Shuang’er’s passing, but rest assured that I won’t let her die in vain. I’ve sent Jiang Chong to seize Chen Qiyu, and when he brings her back, you can deal with her however you want.”

Only then did Zeng Lunan raise his head and glance at him.

There was sadness in Long Chi’s eyes, and he was obviously just as heartbroken over Shuang’er’s death as he was.

Seeing this, Zeng Lunan could not help feeling a little better.

At least there was someone other than him who was mourning Shuang’er’s death.

“Thank you for your kindness, My Liege,” he said sincerely.

Long Chi said earnestly, “Shuang’er was my first wife. It’s what I should do. You don’t have to be so formal with me, Father-In-Law.”

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Zeng Lunan was surprised.

When Shuang’er was still here, he had only called him Mr. Zeng but never Father-In-Law.

Looking away, Long Chi said with concern, “You can settle down here, Father-In-Law. Shuang’er may not be around anymore, but I’ll treat you and serve you as if you were my birth father.”

Zeng Lunan was moved by his words.

The only person in this world who was bound to him by blood was dead. Now, he was all alone with no one to care for, and even if he died some day, no one would know who he was.

He was actually a little saddened by that thought.

Therefore, he was somewhat touched to hear Long Chi say these words at this moment.

A good while later, he sighed. “Thank you, My Liege.”

There was an imperceptible twitch at the corner of Long Chi’s mouth. As if suddenly remembering something, he asked, “By the way, why did you and Shuang’er go to Thousand Village City? Where were you heading?”

Zeng Lunan did not think it was necessary to hide the truth from him, so he replied, “Shuang’er and I were actually heading to Southern Xinjiang.”

“Southern Xinjiang?” Long Chi was mystified, but his expression drooped the next instant. “Have I done something awful to make you two leave without saying goodbye? You’d rather travel all the way to Southern Xinjiang instead of returning to Xuyang.”

Seeing that he had misunderstood, Zeng Lunan hurriedly explained, “Don’t say that, My Liege. You’ve been nothing but kind to us. The truth is – Shuang’er and I wanted to go to Southern Xinjiang to find a guiding herb.”

“A guiding herb?”

“That’s right.” Zeng Lunan then told him the entire story.

Long Chi was overjoyed, but he did not show it on his face and asked curiously. “How could you be sure that Princess Wanyan would be able to poison the Emperor successfully?”

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