Transmigrating as a Mary Sue Character

Transmigrating as a Mary Sue Character
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Shi Ning transmigrated into a story in a book.

She transmigrated as a female supporting character in a school-life novel named “F4 and Their Little Fairy.”

In the book, Shi Ning was a daughter of a rich family who grew up with four male childhood friends. She was their pampered princess and they showered her with love. However, in the original book setting because she had feelings for the male lead, she was overly envious of the heroine and staged a series of events to hurt her. This caused the four male leads to break ties with her. Since then, everyone shunned her and she ended up being miserable.

After Shi Ning learnt the flow of the story—she felt elated and satisfied!

It’s better to transmigrate as a female supporting character. Falling in love was a matter that only involved the male and female lead and had nothing to do with her.

As long as she stayed away from those protagonists and made sure to do everything to avoid her death, she wouldn’t turn into a cannon fodder.

She could finally study with peace of mind. She could finally make her dreams come true and be admitted to Peking University.

But there seemed to be something wrong with the current script—

How did this F4, who supposedly only loved the heroine, became like this;

Her brother, Shi Chen, who was originally disappointed in her: ‘Those three boys, don’t pay attention to them. This brother of yours will support you for life.’

The hot and honest top student: ‘Shi Ning , you never noticed that I have loved you for many years…’

The future top idol in the entertainment industry: ‘Who the hell wants to be your brother? I want to be your boyfriend instead.’

The most outrageous was Nan Xiao, the supposed male protagonist of the story, who almost destroyed her appearance for the sake of the heroine in the original script.

In the corner of an aisle where no one else was present, Nan Xiao grabbed her hand and kabedoned her against the corner of the wall.

The possessiveness and desires of love were so strong that it couldn’t be suppressed. He grabbed her waist and with a fiery gaze asked,

“Shi Ning, why do you ignore this Laozi*?”

Shi Ning’s inner thoughts retorted: ‘Because your name is Nan Xiao, not learning.’

The male lead would be decided on as the new plot continued to unravel.

#The whole world loves the heroine, but the heroine only loves learning#

* arrogant term to address himself

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