Versatile: Alternate World

Versatile: Alternate World
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Manato Tsukasa is one of the top tier players of the game, Alternate World. After being humiliated countless of times in the game, he became a professional top tier Magic Knight player. When he was about to get married to the woman he is engaged with, he discovered that he was one of the few targets to be assassinated and she was tasked to do so. Without knowing who did it, he furiously escape.

After desperately escaping death, he encountered a similar person in the alley, bloodied and out of breath. Manato recognized this person to be the creator of the game, Alternate World. The creator then handed him out an item that will return him to his past self, hoping that he will be the one who can change their destiny. He was also entrusted to travel back in time with a peculiar data that can only be accessed back in the past since he is already dying. Desperate to survive, he grabbed the item and decided to return.

He woke up once again, in his 17 year old body where the game is still launching. In his hands, is the weapon entrusted by the creator that has been transported with him. With his photographic memory and the data in his past, he won't just go down easily now that he have returned to the past. Instead of choosing the Magic Knight class, he instead choose the class that most players have to struggle on using. However, after doing a few things he found out that the past is now rewritten slowly as he messed up the events that should unfold, making a new future. Questions and mysteries slowly arises as he pieced together everything he knew. And what is the secret behind the game? Is it really a game or something more?

This is an old novel that got a bug on its former title. I transferred all of the data of the story here as the old one is abandoned. To those readers of the old title, Versatile, please resume reading in this novel Thank you.

Cover is not mine, if the owner wanted to take the cover down, please feel free to contact me.

Chapter updates depends on your dear author's mood. I will be updating around Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I have no permanent schedule but that will be my free time to update.

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