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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Why is the Holy Son unhappy?

Lucifer, “…So, let’s try to avoid breaking your leg.”

“Yes, Lord Holy Son!”

Lucifer’s hand was cold, and it was very obvious when he held Pei Xia’s leg. Pei Xia tensed his muscles unconsciously, feeling a little nervous.

“Relax, I am going to squeeze out the last one.” Lucifer raised his hand and patted his calf belly.

“…… Yes Lord Saint Son!”

Finally, Pei Xia and Lucifer breathed a sigh of relief at the same time when the last thorn of the bee was squeezed out.

Lucifer revealed a gentle and loving smile, a smile that crashed straight into the bottom of Pei Xia’s eyes, causing his heart to jump around a beat.

He felt a rare shyness, and looked up embarrassedly, not daring to look directly at Lucifer, “Thank you so much, Lord Son.”

“No need to thank me, God teaches us friendship and encourages us to mutually help each other, this is what we should do,” Lucifer said, preparing to use light magic to completely heal Pei Xia’s injuries.

However, at this moment, Pei Xia’s eyes, which were drifting upward, suddenly saw a black shadow falling from the sky!

It was the shadow of a man, falling from the dense branches of the trees overhead!

And Pei Xia’s first reaction was: ‘danger, there are assassins!’

At this time, Pei Xia’s leg was still on Lucifer’s knee, Lucifer was closing his eyes, and a soft holy light appeared in his hands.

Pei Xia didn’t have time to think about it, and he stood up with such a forceful kick, Lucifer flew out.

He(Lucifer) flew out backwards and looked at Pei Xia in astonishment, his hands were pushing forward due to inertia so that a cloud of holy light lightly enveloped Pei Xia’s whole body.

When Lucifer fell to the ground, the black shadow falling from the sky also fell into Pei Xia’s arms, Pei Xia subconsciously reached out and caught the person.

He looked down, but it was a cat-eared woman!

The cat-eared lady opened her eyes with a blushing face and met Pei Xia’s eyes. At this moment, a hazy and romantic holy light enveloped them, against the blue sky, white clouds and green trees, and the handsome young princess was holding the petite girl in her arms.

Ah, what a dreamy and romantic first encounter! – If Pei Xia was not gay.

He gasped, opened his eyes suddenly, looked up at the top of his head in disbelief, and looked down at the girl.

The girl was looking at him shyly.

This scene suddenly made the memories buried deep in Pei Xia’s mind rush up, and he suddenly remembered, this, this… shouldn’t this be the first meeting of the male protagonist and the cat-ear girl?!

In the original book, when Lucifer was resting in the wild, a cute cat-eared girl suddenly fell from the tree above her head. She was an orc slave who escaped from the church of the God of Light in Brula City, Abrulla!

Because of the romantic embrace when they first met, the cat-ear woman fell in love with Lucifer, at first sight, so peach blossoms bloomed, and the two began to play an ambiguous rivalry. It was clear that both sides were interested, but Lucifer insisted that his true love is the God of Light, and refused to admit that he liked the girl.

Later, this cat-eared lady became Lucifer’s maid and has been following him to the next destination.

But now what ……

Cold sweat slid down from the corner of Pei Xia’s forehead, he did not dare to look at what expression Lucifer had!

The male protagonist was kicked away by him, and the female supporting role was hugged by him.

Pei Xia slowly lowered his head, pulled the corners of his mouth with difficulty at the cat-eared woman. He was trying to throw her away but suddenly remembered that the male lead hates men who are rough with girls, so Pei Xia gently put her down.

“Who are you? It was you who saved me.” The cat-ear woman had a fever and passed out after staying in a daze.

Pei Xia slipped and slid to his knees in front of Lucifer with unparalleled skill, “Lord Saint Son, are you all right?!”

Lucifer had already stood up gracefully. He smiled slightly, with a hint of coldness. This time, he didn’t say anything like “It’s okay Pei Xia”, “It doesn’t matter”, “Get up quickly” and so on as before.

He turned around and the corner of his robe, which was still wet, hit Pei Xia’s knee with the grass and mud. Pei Xia froze, subconsciously grabbed the corner of his robe and began to clean up.

Lucifer hung his head, looking down at the youth-serving himself on his knees, he smiled and spoke, “Pei Xia, perhaps you can explain it?”

Pei Xia pursed his lips and held them for a long time, not knowing how to explain.

At first glance, the cat’s ear girl looked very weak and not a threat. Moreover, her romantic encounter with Lucifer was destroyed by Pei Xia, and even Pei Xia committed the taboo of a big male protagonist!

Look at those big male protagonists whose peach blossoms are blooming. As long as it is a girl who has an ambiguous relationship with the male protagonist, she must not be touched by others. If there is a supporting actor who dares to take action on the girl, hehe… Even if it was a verbal flirtation, his ending will be absolutely tragic!

As for himself, he grabbed the male lead’s role, hugged the male lead’s sister ……

The more Pei Xia thought the more desperate he became, his face pale, he feebly defended, “Sorry Lord Saint Son, I, I thought that was the assassin ……”

“Is that so?” Lucifer’s voice was inscrutable, his eyes were smiling but it sent a chill in Pei Xia’s spine, “I thought, you like this lady.”

Pei Xia immediately retorted, “I swear Lord Saint Son, I have not the slightest intention of her, I only like purebred humans!”

Lucifer: “…… Oh.”

‘Oh.. what does that mean?!!!’

However, Pei Xia’s explanation was still somewhat useful, he felt the stagnant atmosphere around Lucifer begin to flow again, he intuitively relaxed and finally put his heart down.

Lucifer bent down, gently patted his shoulder, restored the usual gentle mode, “Get up Pei Xia, your heart, I have felt it.”

‘Heart? What heart, does it mean one’s loyalty?’

Pei Xia stood up a little confused. At this moment, the wound on his body had been healed by Lucifer’s holy light, and even the cat-eared lady was fortunately cured of her high fever.

“Lord Saint Son, let me dry your clothes for you,” Peixia said curtly.


This time Lucifer did not refuse again, he sat back on the stone, let Pei Xia dry his clothes, and then used his fingers as a comb, one by one, combing his long golden hair.

After that, Pei Xia carefully dried his clothes for him.

Then afterwards, Pei Xia carefully dusted off the grass and dust on his clothes. After finishing his clothes, Pei Xia breathed a sigh of relief.

“Lord Saint Son, let’s go back.”

“Good.” Lucifer stood up and gingerly began to walk back.

Pei Xia looked at the cat-eared woman curled up on the stone and sleeping, and then at Lucifer’s back, and suddenly felt suffocated: ‘Why the male protagonist doesn’t even want a sister?!’

Pei Xia raised his voice and said, “Lord Saint Son, what about this orc girl?”

It was only at this point that Lucifer seemed to finally remember that there was another person, and with a somewhat deliberate surprise, he looked back at Pei Xia and smiled, “Since it was you who caught her, let’s leave her to your disposal.”

There was no doubt that the key figure in the plot could not be left behind, so Pei Xia prepared to carry her back to the garrison camp, but as soon as he made a gesture to carry her, Lucifer was surprised and said, “Pei Xia, what if she is a well-disguised assassin? As a paladin, you should be extremely cautious.”

‘Oh no, his professionalism was questioned!’

Pei Xia immediately put down the cat-eared lady and said seriously, “What you taught me, Lord Holy Son, I will learn the lesson and improve the way!”

Then, he wrapped the cat-eared girl up tightly with the curtain cloth he had thrown aside and carried it over his shoulder.

Lucifer finally showed a look of satisfaction.

When they returned to camp, only two people were waiting in place; the others had gone off in all directions to look for Lucifer.

But all in all, nothing happened to everyone, and it couldn’t have been better. Soon they reunited. The paladins were very curious about the cat-eared girl who was hugged tightly. Pei Xia explained it and drove them away, lest these big men pinched the girl’s ears.

They cleaned up the mess and set off on their way.

At night, while stationed once again, the cat-eared girl finally woke up.

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