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Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Pei Xia is crazily zealous

Lucifer looked at the light magician in the ring, the other party was from the magic association and did not belong to the church’s system.

At this moment, the other party was a little uneasy, because it was known that the Lord Saint Son of the Church of Light is currently the person with the deepest attainment in light magic, he was the messenger of God, the incarnation of light!

The light magician in the ring said stiffly, “Everything I did was by the rules of the duel, what, does Lord Saint Son want to teach me a lesson too?”

Lucifer looked at him gently, without the slightest hint of annoyance, “No need to be nervous, no need to be afraid, you are right, as long as it is per the rules of the duel, no one can punish you for it.”

The light magician showed a smug smile.

“It’s just that.” Lucifer continued, “As a magician, accepting the respect of all people, it is right to abide by the unspoken rules of morality, especially the light magicians. Light exists to bring warmth and vitality to all beings, and I think the reason you are stuck in your current realm and can’t breakthrough is that you don’t understand the nature of light.”

He praised and stepped on him, causing the Light Wizard’s heart to go up and down, and his face changed like a palette.

He shouted, “I think I understand, you just don’t like me!”

Lucifer looked at him sympathetically, “Your opponent broke the rules, he will be punished by the association, and you, therefore, will be despised by others, is it worth it?”

The light magician pounded his staff to the ground, “If you don’t like me, come and fight me!”

Lucifer sighed lightly, “Maybe if you change your temper, more people will support you. A duel is certainly possible, only I want to do it differently.”


Lucifer raised his hands in the crowd’s puzzled gaze, folded in front of his chest, he slightly hanging his head as modest as possible, the holy light soft and not harsh, from his body slowly spread.

“Your duel with your previous opponent had frightened everyone, and I think it is right that the light should soothe the fears of all beings. Let’s compete to see who can make more people feel happy and peaceful.”

At that moment, Pei Xia was in a trance and thought he had met the Bodhisattva Guanyin 1In Chinese mythology, Guanyin (觀音) is the goddess of mercy and is considered to be the physical embodiment of compassion. She is an all-seeing, all-hearing being who is called upon by worshipers in times of uncertainty, despair, and fear. Guanyin is originally based on the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara. who had universalized the world, but fortunately, the Western fantasy-style human thing pulled his thoughts back.

Light magician, “…… then on then!

Of course, the final result was that Lucifer won, after all, no one was more skilled than him in this area of warming believers.

The believers showed a satisfied smile, the prince showed a look of awe and longing, and they could not help but imitate the posture of Lucifer to pray to the gods.

Even at the end, even the light magician was moved to his knees and choked up, crying out, “I understand, so this is the meaning of light! Lord Holy Son, now I understand! Thank you for your teaching, so that I can advance farther in the path of magic, I will convert to the Illuminati starting tomorrow!”

However, not everyone in the Green Leaf Square submitted to the holy light of Lucifer.

For example, Pei Xia.

He stood behind Lucifer with a stony face in contemplation.

Lucifer slowly turned around to look at him with a smile, “Pei Xia, what are you thinking about?”

Pei Xia a jolt, subconsciously blurted out, “ass-kissing.”

Lucifer, “……?”

Pei Xia’s face flushed red, he stammered, thought for half a day, finally squeezed out this sentence, “Lord Saint Son, you are the brightest, most beautiful, most in line with the word ‘sacred’ I have ever seen!”

Lucifer, “……”

Pei Xia, “The most sacred, brightest, and most in line with the word ‘beautiful’?”

Lucifer, “……”

He restrained his smile, looking at Pei Xia momentarily did not know how to answer, should we let him back with a “you are also falsely praising”?

In the end, he just raised his hand and patted Pei Xia’s shoulder, “If you can’t, you don’t have to force yourself.”

Pei Xia’s face burst into red, ashamed: ‘Too difficult, Lucifer disliked it, no, I must do it make persistent efforts!’


When the duel was over and everyone present had obtained a satisfactory ending, Lucifer was ready to go back to the sub-church.

Prince Harry enthusiastically stepped forward, “Lord Saint Son, I am a devout believer in the God of Light, please let me escort you back.”

Lucifer was self-aware and nodded to him, “Then will be troubling your highness.”

“No trouble, no trouble, I was going to go to church service as well”, Prince Harry was like a warm and sunny flower butterfly circling Lucifer.

He was a handsome young man, coupled with his noble status, relatable nature, and sweet mouth always attracts the ladies’ love.

And now, he is unabashedly releasing his charm towards the personable, quiet but eye-catching Lucifer.

The prince’s well-dressed and powerful guards lined up in two lines to escort the master and his guests.

Pei Xia silently followed a step behind Lucifer, looking at Prince Harry’s glowing appearance, listening to his mouth chattering out words of praise, he felt depressed.

He even noticed a hint of sourness.

Of course, he supported having His Royal Highness escort Lucifer back home. After all, although Lucifer kept the believers quiet, he was not sure if there would be excessive fans harassing him, which would be safer.

But …… Pei Xia still felt sour ah, he was not only sour but also insecure!

Listening to Prince Harry’s constantly singing praises – you are as beautiful as the sunflower with dew in the morning, your heart is as pure as crystal, after seeing you I seem to understand the true meaning of light ……

The most abominable thing was that Prince Harry said these fleshly words with sincerity and magnanimity, which was very different from the gloomy and greasy look of Earl Hobson.

Lucifer was a little embarrassed by his(Prince Harry) compliments, turned his head, and smiled at him, very kind and gentle: “You are too modest.”

Looking at the backs of two people walking side by side in front, Pei Xia silently clenched his fist.

Hard, fist hard!

‘I really want to gag Prince Harry’s mouth with a punch!

If this goes on like this, he, Pei Xia, will be unable to keep his status as the number one dogleg under lord Lucifer!

But Prince Harry had a noble status and no malice. Pei Xia could only watch him and Lucifer get closer and closer…’

The black-faced Pei Xia was shocked and subconsciously wanted to hide his darkness, but the result was that his expression was stiff and he only ended up with an awkward smile.

Lucifer thoughtfully also smiled at him, then turned back and began to take the initiative to chat with Prince Harry!

They talked freely about magic, landscape, human customs …… all the way to chatting inside the sub-church.

Pei Xia’s face was expressionless, and he looked like a quail that was stunned. He followed Lucifer honestly, watching them joke and pray, and then pray.

Finally, Prince Harry left with his subordinates.

“Pei Xia, Pei Xia.” A hand waved in front of Pei Xia, Lucier amusingly slightly bent down to look at Pei Xia, his long golden hair slanted down like a golden waterfall.

Pei Xia snapped back to her senses and looked at Lucifer: “Lord Saint Son, I’m sorry, I got lost in thought again.”

“It’s okay”, The forgiving saint son’s lips were tinged with a smile, “What were you thinking about again?”

Pei Xia: “I was thinking about ……” This time, Pei Xia did not say the word “ass-kissing” again, he cheered himself – -he encouraged himself – you have made progress, listening to Prince Harry blowing so many rainbow farts, yes, you can do it, Pei Xia!

Pei Xia took a deep breath and said, “You must have had a good time talking to His Royal Highness Prince Harry, right?”

Lucifer narrowed his eyes, stood up straight, smiled, and said, “Of course, what’s wrong Pei Xia, do you have a problem with that?”

“No, no, absolutely not! I was just thinking that His Royal Highness must be very happy too!” Pei Xia clenched his fist, impassioned, “Because you are such a saintly son who can make many people fall in love with you, you are like that white lotus flower blooming fragrant, like green tea as fresh intoxicating, you are so beautiful and charming!”

Lucifer, “…………”

Seeing his smile stiffened, Pei Xia’s heart was shocked, ‘Was his words too exaggerated?’

By the way, Lucifer actually does not like men to praise his face, Prince Harry’s identity was noble, perhaps he will not care, but in his case, it will inevitably become somewhat offensive, because it will make him(Lucifer) think that he only looks at his face very superficially.

Pei Xia immediately tried to remedy saying, “Of course, that is only your external appearance your subordinates, and everyone is very clear, you are a very wonderful person!”

Lucifer, “……”

Seeing the smile on Lucifer’s face gradually disappearing, Pei Xia was so anxious that his head was sweating, the victory or defeat was in one fell swoop, and he must not lose to Harry!

So he thought of a compliment that no man could possibly refuse – that is, the complement of ‘Strength’!

So Pei Xia stood up straight, stomped his foot with a thud, and tapped his fist to his heart as he said with a resounding voice.

“Especially your strength! You are so powerful, obviously, you had already lost power and fainted before, but you recovered quickly with a simple treatment, and did not lose power again after healing believers on a large scale, your magic power is really fast to recover. You are both pious and strong saint son lord, following you, I am really at ease!”

Lucifer’s face was expressionless, turned around and left, his clothes fluttering.

Pei Xia stood in the same place, looking at his back in confusion, wondering where in the end he did not say good enough to make him angry.

Pei Xia was very aggrieved and could not help but be jealous of Prince Harry.

Why should he be able to get Lucifer’s appreciation for patting rainbow farts, while he was clearly disliked!

Pei Xia reached out in aggravation and chased after him while shouting Lord Saint Son “Wait for me.”


At night, Pei Xia was guarding the door outside the room, and Lucifer was bathing indoors.

In the dense white water mist, with a clatter, the flawless youth stood up from the water, the water droplets reluctantly kissed his body and then fell in strings.

He stepped out of the tub and pulled the bathrobe to put on casually.

Lucifer set up a boundary, then grabbed the shadow demon at his feet. The long white hand pinched the black shadow’s neck and smiled coldly: “How much did he see, you say, that he was being sarcastic?”

The Shadow demon trembled and said flatteringly, “My Lord, this subordinate thinks that he may not have been able to see your perfection yet.”

“Perfection?” Lucifer looked at the Demon of Shadows gloomily and lifted his other hand to stroke his cheek, “Are you trying to say he’s not interested in me?”

Shadow demon, “This subordinate didn’t say that ……”

Lucifer let go of his hand, letting it slide away. Dressed in a bathrobe, Lucifer sat in front of the mirror, he used his hand to wipe away the water mist on the mirror, slowly, a determined gaze in his eyes.

He must make Pei Xia willing to subdue himself at his feet!


This was a man’s desire to win.

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