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Chapter 31

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In the courtyard, which was particularly messy due to the battle, on the ground covered with weeds and potholes, there lay a beauty in a snow-white robe with hair as radiant as sunlight.

His golden eyebrows lightly furrowed, his azure eyes contained a hint of moisture, and beneath his straight nose was a pale pair of lips, with only the bloodstains at the corners of his lips as glaring as red plum blossoms in the snow.

Such a delicate beauty that made one couldn’t help but feel pity upon seeing him, but alas! On this graceful and delicate beauty, there was a black-haired youth lying on top, making others jealous and resentful!

That man had no manners at all; he was lying on top of the beauty and didn’t intend to get up for quite some time. His hands moved lazily along the ground, clearly trying to linger longer and take advantage of the situation!

However, in reality, it was the despised black-haired youth who wanted most to get up from on top of the beauty!

Pei Xia weakly moved his arm, attempting to shift his body to the side.

Great, their chests were pressed tightly together, and Pei Xia could feel the other person’s heartbeat. He listened to his own heartbeat in his ears, feeling helpless.

His nervous heartbeat was getting faster and faster, as if he was afraid he would accidentally crush Lucifer beneath him. Can you believe this grown man isn’t that fragile? No! He is this fragile!

Look, his face was as white as snow, and due to the influence of gravity, Pei Xia was pressed tightly against him. Very coincidentally, his face was near his chin, and with one wrong move, he would accidentally touch his skin.

It was cold, and it made one’s heart ache, even making one wonder if the person beneath him was already dead. How could this big man be so delicate? No! He is indeed this delicate!

Just look, his face was as white as snow, and due to the influence of gravity, Pei Xia was pressed tightly against him. Very coincidentally, his face was near his chin, and with one wrong move, he would accidentally touch his skin.

It was cold, and it made one’s heart ache, even making one wonder if the person beneath him was already dead. How could this big man be so delicate? No! He is indeed this delicate!

Hearing Pei Xia’s voice, Lucifer let out a complex sigh that sent shivers down one’s spine. “Ah, Pei Xia.”

“Lord Saint, I’m here!” Pei Xia responded nervously.

Really, you’ve worked hard, my beautiful Lord Saint. When he spoke, his breath was weak, and every word sounded like his last words.

Pei Xia choked up and said, “Lord Saint, please hold on, I’ll get down right away!”

He struggled to turn over, and just as he was about to roll off Lucifer’s body, he suddenly found that he couldn’t move anymore. Perplexed, he followed his gaze downward and saw Lucifer’s arm blocking him behind his waist, preventing him from rolling off.

What impressed Pei Xia was that Lucifer’s two hands were slightly clasped together in a prayer-like gesture.

Pei Xia was filled with question marks: “Lord Saint?”

Lucifer closed his eyes and groaned, “Ah, my head is spinning.”

Pei Xia: “??? Please let go!”

Lucifer’s head tilted to the side, pale and fragile like a butterfly with broken wings. He whimpered softly, then fell silent as if he had fainted.

Pei Xia lay on top of him, dumbfounded for a moment, and continued to struggle to roll down. However, for some reason, his hands were tightly held behind his waist, preventing him from moving no matter how hard he tried.

Pei Xia felt desperate. He didn’t know if he was too weak now, or if unconscious people subconsciously exerted all their strength.

Finally, the young black-haired Holy Knight gave up. He raised his trembling hand and placed it under Lucifer’s nose to check. Good, there was still breathing.

He sighed in his heart, and closed his eyes in sorrow, unable to bear looking at this beautiful man being pressed down.

In the end, they were rescued by several other Holy Knights who rushed over, Prince Harry, Princess Eva, the Chancellor, and countless onlookers.

In front of everyone’s eyes, a stretcher was brought over, and Pei Xia, still in the strange position on top of Lucifer, was carried away on the stretcher. When they were taken to a resting place, they still maintained this bizarre posture.

On this day, the story of the cooperation between the Church of Light’s Saint, Lucifer, and his young and handsome Holy Knight, Pei Xia, who fought together to defeat the evil and heartless Goose Demon, and then collapsed together in exhaustion, spread throughout the city of Atna.

To thank Lucifer and Pei Xia for helping to resolve a great threat, the Chancellor of Atna wanted to arrange a more luxurious residence for them.

Prince Harry stopped them, saying, “Accommodations are currently scarce, and there’s no room to spare. Why not let them stay with me directly?”

“Are you really sure, Your Highness?” After all, the prince and princess lived in the best place here, a separate courtyard with a two-story palace, spacious and luxurious, with all the amenities.

“Of course, it’s the least we can do!”

“Well then, we’ll follow your orders.”

So, the soldiers carrying the stretcher heaved and hoed as they brought Lucifer and the drooping Pei Xia into the palace. The prince had specially arranged a comfortable and spacious suite for them, and the two entangled individuals were placed on the bed.

After a physician’s examination, it was confirmed that both of them were just fatigued and needed some rest.

Pei Xia was somewhat skeptical: “But the Saint has coughed up blood!”

Physician: “He just scraped his lip.”

Pei Xia: “Wait, there’s one more thing!”

“What is it?”

“Please help us separate!”

Everyone looked at each other, hesitating as they approached.

Even Prince Harry came over to help, and Princess Eva watched nearby with a strange expression.

“Oh my Light God.” Harry looked sadly at Lucifer’s hands intertwined behind Pei Xia’s waist. He tentatively reached out to pull them apart, but he couldn’t. “Oh my, these are such perfect hands. How can I bear to use force? If I accidentally hurt the Holy Son, my conscience will be troubled!”

Pei Xia: “Aren’t you afraid I’ll crush him to death?”

“To be honest, given the physical fitness of the Holy Son, you can rest assured that even if you press down lightly, it won’t kill him.” The physician made a judgment.

“Since that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do.”

“Exactly, even the Holy Son is exhausted. Let’s not disturb him and let him rest well.”

“Pei Xia, you too, please rest!”

People sent them in with a lot of commotion, and then thoughtfully closed the door behind them.

Pei Xia stared at the closed door, feeling utterly bewildered. Even after all this time in this world, he still couldn’t think like the characters in the original story!

The quiet room was left with only Pei Xia. He tried to tilt his head back to avoid fully pressing himself onto Lucifer.

But holding his head up was tiring, and Pei Xia couldn’t hold on any longer. Thud! He accidentally lowered his head, and with a soft, cool, and slightly moist sensation, he felt it on his forehead, transmitted through his skin and to his heart.

Pei Xia’s heart pounded, and he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, as if he had accidentally touched Lucifer’s lips.

Pei Xia raised his head with a hint of shyness, and when he looked, he saw a fresh red mark slowly dripping from the corner of Lucifer’s mouth.

Pei Xia: ‘I don’t know what to say, it’s pretty symmetrical.’

Pei Xia obediently and helplessly leaned his head against Lucifer’s shoulder, then sniffed the faint and pleasant rose fragrance on him. Pei Xia’s eyelids grew heavier and heavier, and eventually, he fell into a deep slumber.

He didn’t know how long he had been asleep when Pei Xia woke up. It was still daylight, but the light had softened, casting a somewhat yellowish hue. He felt that he had recovered quite a bit.

His body could move on its own now, although he still felt a bit sore, it was much better than before when he couldn’t move at all. Pei Xia first reached out to check Lucifer’s breathing, and it was still there.

Pei Xia felt relieved.

His stomach growled, making a rumbling sound. Pei Xia moved gently a couple of times and then tried to get up from Lucifer, whom he had pressed down on for quite a while.

As he moved, he felt the hands behind his waist regain some strength. Pei Xia struggled but couldn’t break free. He looked back and forth, feeling somewhat perplexed.

‘There’s no other choice; I’ll have to crawl!’

Pei Xia gently lifted Lucifer’s hands upward a bit, then pushed himself backward from the gap between Lucifer’s arms and his body.

As he backed away, he suddenly heard a melodious and charming voice. The voice had a magnetic quality to it, like a small brush quickly sweeping over Pei Xia’s heart, causing his body to go limp and fall to the floor with a soft thud.

At that moment, his expression changed drastically because his current position was extremely awkward!

Pei Xia’s head had bumped into Lucifer’s soft abdomen, and he was about to get up, but it was already too late. Lucifer slowly sat up, displaying a surprised expression.

Lucifer: “Pei Xia, what’s wrong?”

Pei Xia slowly lifted his head and retreated, creating some distance. He knelt there and looked at Lucifer, saying, “I’m terribly sorry, Your Highness. I didn’t mean to.”

Lucifer gave a generous and innocent smile. “Are you talking about what just happened? It’s okay, I understand. Actually, even if you wanted to…”

Pei Xia interrupted with a mournful tone, thinking of his own father. “Actually, I did. Your Highness, I apologize, but it was unintentional.”

Lucifer: “?”

Pei Xia closed his eyes, unable to look at him. He tried to explain, his nervousness making his words sound sincere. “You see, when I (the original Pei Xia) was very young, I lost my father. So, I have this deep yearning for his comforting embrace. Just now, I felt that the sensation you gave me was remarkably similar to his, and I couldn’t help but want to experience the embrace of a father’s love.”

Lucifer: “…”

Pei Xia was afraid he wouldn’t believe him, so he gritted his teeth and continued, “Your Highness, you are so kind and loving, just like a father to all of us! Please believe me; I admire you sincerely from the bottom of my heart!”

Lucifer: “…”

Pei Xia: “…”

Lucifer raised his hand and pressed his forehead, unable to resist defending himself. “Do I look that old?”

Pei Xia was startled and quickly said, “No, you look very strong!”

Lucifer sighed, “Just forget about it.”

The weary beauty slowly raised his hand and touched his lip, furrowing his brows in confusion. “Strange, why do I feel like my lip is a bit swollen?”

Pei Xia: “That’s just your imagination! If you activate the Light Magic to restore your energy, these sensations will all disappear!”

Lucifer couldn’t help but glance at him. There was a conspicuous red bloodstain on the knight’s fair forehead.

Pei Xia hadn’t noticed it yet and continued to smile foolishly at him.

Lucifer shook his head, his eyes filled with a playful look. “Never mind.”

Pei Xia couldn’t help but grin. “Your Highness, it’s been a day since you were unconscious. Are you hungry? I’ll go prepare some food for you.”

Lucifer nodded. “Go ahead. But don’t forget to take care of yourself.”

Pei Xia assured him, “Please rest assured, I will.”

Pei Xia eagerly got out of bed and rushed out of the room. As he came out, he remembered that he was in a different place now and asked one of the prince’s guards where the kitchen was.

The guard was very helpful and led him to the kitchen. Afterward, he promptly informed Prince Harry of Lucifer’s awakening.

When Pei Xia arrived at Lucifer’s bedroom door, carrying a tray of steaming hot food, he peeked through the crack in the door and saw Prince Harry and Lucifer sitting together, chatting happily. There was a sumptuous and exquisite feast laid out on the table between them, much more enticing than what Pei Xia was holding.

They looked at each other, both wearing smiles. Prince Harry was still showering Lucifer with compliments, and surprisingly, Lucifer was lapping it all up!

Pei Xia’s fingers couldn’t help but grip the edge of the tray tightly.

‘Did I arrive too late again?’

His stomach rumbled again, and Pei Xia quickly retreated a few steps, not wanting to be noticed by the people inside. He hung his head and returned to the kitchen, where he ate the food on the tray by himself.

It was undeniably delicious.

After finishing his meal and feeling full, Pei Xia lifted his head, ran his hand through his hair, and took a deep breath.

He slapped the table and stood up, his face filled with determination. No, he couldn’t give up like this!

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