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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Wants to be held and carried consideringly (part 1)

As soon as the words came out, both the weak girl and the man who was riding the horse were startled.

Count Hobson wiped the rain from his face, and looked closely. He was startled to find that the armor and carriage of these knights really had the emblem of the God of Light on them.

It seems like the leader of the knights was not wearing armor and is barefoot. He had short black hair under a pair of bright honey-colored eyes. He sat straddling the black horse, holding his sword in one hand and was always maintained in a posture as if he would draw it out at any moment.

The heavy rain crackled on him, but his expression remained firm and unshakeable.

Behind them, the curtain of the carriage was lifted by a corner, and a moving magnetic voice asked, "What happened?"

Pei Xia immediately reported what he had seen to him.

"Lord Lucifer the Holy One." Earl Hobson took the hat off his head, he was still sitting on his horse and gracefully saluted toward the carriage, "This humble one is the head of the Hobson family, and this humble one thinks your knight has misunderstood. This woman is a servant of my manor, she stole valuable jewelry and fled, this humble one was just trying to catch the thief myself."

"No!" The girl, who was about seventeen or eighteen, sat on the muddy ground with her clothes dyed black. She said indignantly, "I'm not a thief, I'm just an ordinary servant!"

The girl cried and told her fears. She said that in Count Hobson’s manor, there were often maids that went missing. Last night she accidentally saw a bloody corpse being carried away, so she ran out in panic.


Count Hobson did not wait for the girl to finish, he suddenly raised his bow and arrow and shot at her. Pei Xia's eyes darkened. His long legs hooked in the saddle and leaned forward. He took out his sword and split the arrow into two.

"Please don't be rude in front of His Holiness." Pei Xia said seriously.

Hobson gripped the reins of his horse and narrowed his eyes slightly, "Hmph." He looks very dissatisfied.

Pei Xia in the heart silently sympathizes with him: now you are so cold, don't change when you meet Lucifer later.

The man inside the carriage laughed lightly and said, "Since each of you has your own story, let's wait for the investigation before judging. Just in time, Count Hobson, we would like to stay in your territory for a few days. I wonder if you can give us your permission?"

"Naturally." Hobson also followed and smiled, "The Holy Son from the Church of the God of Light has come to visit, how could I not welcome. But this woman, I have to bring her back."

"Your excellency." Lucifer said warmly, "I think it would be more appropriate to leave her under our care. What do you think?"

"Your Holiness wants to meddle in my family affairs?" Hobson bluntly expressed his displeasure as he said in a grim voice, "This is not the business of the Light God, right?"

Pei Xia watched in silence as the two argued. Count Hobson is not a believer of the God of Light, and has not seen Lucifer now. How should he put it......

He quietly looked to the rear of the carriage, and was tempted to say to Lucifer: Just show your face, and everything will be solved!

Count Hobson was very upset, but Lucifer did not look a slightest angry, he still said unhurriedly, "She is asking us for help, the same as asking the God of Light for help. God will not forget his believers. Your Excellency, if you insist on this, we can only listen to God's will to save the believers."

This is a threat, a □□ threat! Hobson gritted his teeth and glared at the carriage in front of him, wishing that his angry gaze could rush in through the curtain of the door and chop Lucifer.

But he also knew that the other party was a well-known light magician, and he had seven knights with him, and there were more people than he had now. If they really fought, he would definitely be the one who would suffer and lose face.

After a moment of struggle, Count Hobson backed down and promised to leave the girl in the custody of Lucifer for the time being. But if they hadn't been able to verify the girl by the time they left, they would have to admit their mistake and hand the girl over to Hobson for disposal.

"This is natural. Thank you for the Count's consideration." Lucifer hid inside the carriage and said leisurely.

Pesha then jumped off the horse, pulled up the drenched girl, and pushed her toward Lucifer's carriage.

The girl shivered and got into the carriage, and met the eyes of Lucifer who was leisurely tasting tea. Brushing up, the girl's face reddened, she clutched the corner of her skirt and hung her head, stammering, "My name is Alice, thank you for your kindness, Your Holiness."

Lucifer looked quietly at her, and in passing at Pei Xia who was standing behind Alice. He maintained his perfect smile when facing the believers and said, "Please don't be afraid, God will bless you."

Afterwards, the gentle white light wrapped the girl and dispelled the cold from her.

Pei Xia bowed to Lucifer quietly and turned to leave, but Lucifer stopped him, his tone even held some doubts, "Pei Xia, where are you going?"

"Go outside." Pei Xia froze and answered honestly.

Their group has begun to follow Count Hobson towards his territory, and the first female love interest appeared. Pei Xia is very conscious and has the intention of giving space to two people and not being a light bulb.

Lucifer smiled and nodded, saying, "As a gentleman, learn to be considerate of ladies. Pei Xia, take Alice to the back of the carriage to rest, and then come back to report."

"Yes...... eh?!" Pei Xia answered in one breath, and only after answering did he realize that something was wrong.

Chapter 6: Wants to be held and carried consideringly (part 2)

"Yes...... eh?!" Pei Xia answered in one breath, and only after answering did he realize that something was wrong.

He clearly remembered that after Lucifer saved the girl in the original story, he kept her company. In the carriage, they would also have an ambiguous plot of "Lend my clothes to you".

How is it that now, Lucifer wants to let Alice go to the back of the carriage?

However, Pei Xia couldn't refuse Lucifer's request. He had to bring the reluctant Alice with him. He thoughtfully helped her find a dry towel and a thick coat, "This is what I wore, sorry, there are no new clothes here. If you don't mind, you can use it first to keep out the cold."

He only has a rough knight's clothes that is not comparable to the Holy One's. But it will only be worn for a short time, and the girl shouldn't mind.

Alice hung her head in embarrassment, "Thank you."

"If there is nothing else, you can rest here first." Pei Xia comforted her..

This carriage is full of miscellaneous things, only a small space to accommodate Alice. Pei Xia couldn't stay and squeeze with her, he also had to report to Lucifer, so after bringing Alice, Pei Xia rushed back to Lucifer's carriage.

"Pei Xia." Lucifer looked over at him with his hands clasped, "Your clothes are wet again."

"I'm sorry." Pei Xia subconsciously apologized.

"It's easy to get sick from repeatedly drenched from the rain. If you get sick, who will protect me?" Lucifer sighed.

Pei Xia bowed his head to express his guilt, but in his heart, he was wondering if Lucifer really needed someone else's protection?

He heard the other side sigh lightly, and then the warmth wrapped himself directly, and Pei Xia saw with surprise that the wet clothes had become dry at a very fast speed!

He furrowed his brows.

Lucifer smiled, "Pay attention to your health."

Pei Xia finally couldn't hold back, "Your Holiness, since you are able to dry the clothes directly...... Your Holiness!"

Before he could finish his question, he was surprised to see Lucifer's complexion pale and he collapsed softly.

"Your Holiness, what's wrong with you?" Pei Xia worriedly touched his forehead, praying that nothing would happen. It was time to go to the small BOSS's territory later, how could the protagonist fight if he was sick?

"It's nothing." Lucifer said weakly, "Just consumed too much energy and felt a little tired."

Is that so? Pei Xia thought back on everything that happened after he met Lucifer, and suddenly discovered a surprising thing — although he doesn't know what the reason is, Lucifer and the original protagonist had a lot of differences!

Just like the original owner Pei Xia's soul died with the demon, so that Pei Xia from another world occupied his body, other plots and settings are inevitably subject to change.

So it seems that you can not always take the original story to the current Lucifer.

Pei Xia pursed his lips, pressed tightly on Lucifer's shoulder, and sincerely vowed, "Please rest assured, Your Holiness, I will protect you well!"

Lucifer smiled with relief as he realized that his efforts were finally paying off, "I'm looking forward to it."

He snuggled up in Pei Xia's arms and rested with his eyes closed.

Soon, the group arrived at Count Hobson's estate, and people outside stopped the carriage in front of the castle. Pei Xia nudged Lucifer's shoulder: "Your Holiness, it's time to get off."

Hearing the words, Lucifer opened his azure eyes, which still had a hazy mist in them, as if he had just woken up.

He put his hands together in front of him and weakly said, "I'm sorry, Pei Xia, I don't have the strength right now." He looked at Pei Xia, as if he was hinting at something.

Pei Xia thought for a moment, squatted down and held him on his back, "Please hold on tightly, Your Holiness."

Lucifer, who originally intended to let the other party hug him, had to take a step and hug Pei Xia's neck.

Pei Xia held Lucifer's leg, bent his body and walked out of the carriage.

When he stepped out of the carriage door, suddenly——


Pei Xia was stunned.

He was startled. He hurriedly jumped off the horse and stood up straight. And with another thud, Lucifer fell to the ground and raised his hand to cover his forehead.

"It's okay." Lucifer forced a smile, "Pei Xia, I'm fine."

Pei Xia breathed a sigh of relief, "That's great." With that, he turned to make way to the castle's gate.

Lucifer: "......" He suddenly realized something, blinked gently and put his hand down, exposing a small patch of light pink on his forehead.

"Pei Xia, I suddenly feel that I have a headache." Lucifer gazed at Pei Xia and said frankly.

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