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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Apply ice to the forehead of the Holy Son (part 1)

Lucifer had a headache because he bumped his head. Why did he bump his head? Because he was not careful.....

The above content slid through Pei Xia's mind quickly, and he looked at Lucifer guiltily, "Your Holiness, I'm so sorry. Please take a break in the room. I'll treat you."

This is the first time that Pei Xia has truly felt the fragility of Lucifer, a man who is taller than himself. Since he consumes too much energy and cannot heal himself with magic, Pei Xia can only find a way by himself.

He carefully reached out to support Lucifer. Lucifer did not refuse, taking his hand, walking outside very slowly, as if the injury was on his leg rather than his forehead.

Pei Xia suspected that he might have a concussion, and wondered if light magic could cure the brain. But he did not say his suspicions out, because there is no "concussion" word here, saying that he might have brain injury is equivalent to cursing him.

At this time, Earl Hobson ordered the butler to make an arrangement for the group of people from the Church of Light, and he finally glanced back impatiently.

This glance doomed his miserable future.

When he saw Lucifer, he almost uncontrollably showed an obsessive look. He stared at Lucifer blankly, until the old butler awakened him with an embarrassing cough.

Suddenly, Count Hobson's attitude changed drastically.

He looked soothingly and seriously at Lucifer, "Your Holiness, it's been a bumpy journey. Please come with me, I have prepared the most comfortable room for you!"

Pei Xia silently took a step forward and blocked Hobson's line of sight, "Thanks for Your Excellency's kindness, please lead the way."

What preparing the most comfortable room? Just now he clearly told the butler to arrange a random place far away from him. His words turn too fast!

Not to mention Pei Xia, even the old butler was stunned.

He concealed it well, quietly glanced at his master. Seeing that his master was always staring at Lucifer and not caring about himself, he wisely took the Holy Knights to the guest room to stay.

Lucifera nodded slightly indifferently, "Troubling the Count."

"No trouble, no trouble." Hobson was all smiles, "It is my honor to serve the Holy One."

Saying that, he suddenly showed a worried look, and tried to bypass Pei Xia to approach Lucifer, "Your Holiness, are you injured? Is it serious?"

Pei Xia's eyes narrowed. He was blocking every way Hobson went, just like a shadow.

"It's not serious, not serious." Pei Xia said solemnly, "I will take care of His Holiness!"

Probably because he didn't want to lose his temper in front of Lucifer, Hobson finally stopped his rude actions and sullenly grumbled, "What a rude knight. Help His Holiness properly, don't let Lord Lucifer get hurt again."

Then Hobson took the two upstairs, thinking very sinisterly to arrange Lucifer's room next to the master bedroom. He stood at the door, looking at Lucifer with a gentleman's smile, "Lord Lucifer, just ring the bell above the bed if you need anything, and a servant will come to serve you."

"You are truly a considerate nobleman." Only Lucifer knew whether it was a compliment or sarcasm.

Hobson then looked at the obtrusive Pei Xia, "This distinguished knight, your room is downstairs."

Pei Xia raised his head to look at Lucifer who was being supported by himself. Lucifer was looking at him gently, with a generous and patient expression, and then looked at Hobson whose face was full of malicious intent......

In the original book, Alice should be taken care of by Lucifer at this time. The two of them live in the same room. Hobson is both jealous of Alice, but also afraid to make trouble because Lucifer is there.

But now, the plot has changed...... Pei Xia let go of Lucifer, took two steps back and bowed to him respectfully, "Your Holiness, please wait for a moment!"

"Pesha?" Lucifer looked at him doubtfully.

Pei Xia strode to the door and said to Hobson, "Your Excellency, His Holiness needs to rest. You should also rest early."

Hobson looked at him gloomily, "I heard that the Holy One has a very unique understanding of the Light Bible. It just so happens that I recently wanted to learn more about the Light Bible. I believe the Holy One will not refuse to let me feel the light of God as well, right?"

He said he had the intention to become a believer. As the Holy Son, he naturally would not refuse.

Lucifer very kindly agreed to explain the Bible for him. Pei Xia frowned when he saw this. He watched as Hobson walked into the room, and then at Lucifer who opened the Bible to explain for him.

Pei Xia took a deep breath and ran downstairs quickly, entrusting Alice under Buck's care. Buck, with his gentle personality and good looks, will make the frightened Alice less afraid.

Pei Xia then ran around inside the huge castle, grabbed a servant casually and asked him for a tray of ice, then hurried back to Lucifer's room.

Chapter 7: Apply ice to the forehead of the Holy Son (part 2)

Pei Xia then ran around inside the huge castle, grabbed a servant casually and asked him for a tray of ice, then hurried back to Lucifer's room.

When he pushed the door open, he saw Hobson still sitting across the table. Just looking at Lucifer with blazing eyes and not directly moving his hand, and frankly - he was relieved.

Pei Xia took a few steps to Lucifer's side and gave a less than standard salute to Hobson, saying forcefully while he was outwardly polite, "Your Excellency, it's already late, and it's time for His Holiness to rest. I'm sure you don't want His Holiness to continue to work with his injuries, right?"

Hobson held the Light Bible with both hands. In fact, he did not read much at all. After listening to Pei Xia saying this, he directly closed it and then looked at Lucifer with worry, "Lucifer, are your injuries serious? Where is the injury?"

Lucifer smiled and shook his head: "No need to worry, Your Excellency. It's not a serious injury."

What? In less than half a day, the title has evolved from Your Holiness all the way to Lucifer?

Pei Xia took a breath and couldn't help but worry about Lucifer's chastity.

He took a look at Lucifer's forehead and quickly picked up a towel wrapped in ice and pressed it on his forehead. The already light pink mark has actually disappeared long ago, but Pei Xia believes that although the exterior of the injury heals quickly, the concussion inside will not easily heal.

"Your Holiness!" Pei Xia sonorously held him down, insisting on applying ice cubes to the wound, "You may have inner injury, you must rest!"

Hobson looked at Pei Xia suspiciously and saw that his face was serious and did not seem to be faking, so he could not help but begin to doubt his own eyes.

Obviously it looks like Lucifer's head is intact.

"Lucifer, if you are in pain, I can also help you treat the wound." Hobson said affectionately.

Lucifer waved his hand and stood up, Pei Xia also raised his hand along his height and still pressed the ice on his forehead. Lucifer said, "Your Excellency, you don't have to be too polite. The Bible of Light will be handed over to you. You can have a good enlightenment in the evening. Now, I want to rest."

He had said so, and Hobson had to maintain his gentleman style and left reluctantly with the Bible.

When the door was closed, Pei Xia couldn't help but sigh with relief.

Immediately afterward, the breath was lifted again, as Lucifer leaned back into his arms as if unintentionally.

Pei Xia's vision was instantly blocked by the back of Lucifer's head and blond hair, he was a little overwhelmed, "Your Holiness, are you okay?"

"Nothing." Lucifer covered his heart and spoke pitifully, "I just feel very tired, and the look in Count Hobson's eyes makes me feel uncomfortable."

Pei Xia became angry all of a sudden.

It's too much. Even if one's gay, one must still follow the basic law. Hobson deserved to be lowered as a cannon fodder by Lucifer.

"Please don't worry, Your Holiness. I will protect you." Pei Xia helped him to sit down on the chair, and then carefully applied ice to his injured forehead, which was completely invisible.

While applying the ice, Pei Xia was shocked to find that Lucifer's forehead turned red again!

He was silent for a moment and asked, "How are you feeling, Your Holiness?"

"I feel much better. Thank you, Pei Xia." Lucifer looked at him with emotion.

Pei Xia put down the ice wrapped in a towel, and quietly breathed a sigh of relief. That's great, otherwise Lucifer's forehead will be frostbited if he continues to apply it!

He began to gather up the towels and other things, and then bowed to Lucifer, "Then I will retire for now, Your Holiness. May the God of Light bless you with a beautiful dream."

"Wait a minute." Lucifer suddenly stopped him. He frowned slightly, and there was a little sadness in his blue eyes, "The look in Lord Hobson's eyes frightened me a little. Perhaps you could accompany me tonight, Pei Xia?"

Spend the night with Lucifer?

Although there shouldn't be any problems, Lucifer now looks extraordinarily weak, and Alice does not live with him either......

What if Hobson didn't follow the original story either and decided to sneak in in the middle of the night?!

That's right, this is to protect the Holy One's chastity! Pei Xia's eyes were firm and he hammered his chest, "Don't worry, Your Holiness. I will definitely guard the door for you!"

With that, he planned to go downstairs to take a quilt and spend the night at Lucifer's door.

But Lucifer suddenly stood up and grabbed his wrist as he smiled, "Why bother, you can sleep with me."

Pei Xia pulled his hand away, "No trouble, Your Holiness. Your injury is the most important!"

Pei Xia's sleeping posture was not very honest. It would be bad if he accidentally kicked Lucifer out of bed while sleeping.

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