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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Pei Xia's injury is quite serious.

Heavy rain was still pouring down outside. The carefully decorated living room was in a mess now, just because a group of rude knights came in.

And now, even the owner of the manor has to join the battle against the group of unwelcome guests (excluding Lucifer).

The old butler held his heart and stood at the side, looking worriedly at Count Hobson and the dark-haired young knight.

God, bless the Count a victory...Oh my God! The Count lost!

When Hobson's sword fell to the ground and Pei Xia's sword was placed on his neck, let alone Hobson's face, the servants in the entire manor were stunned.

In addition to his identity, Count Hobson's own strength is very good in the first place. How can the servants think that a little knight will dare to embarrass him like this?

But the fact is that Pei Xia really dares.

Pei Xia panted lightly, his arm steady, "Your Excellency, you lose."

The roar of the Knights sounded all around.

In fact, Hobson’s strength is comparable to Pei Xia. The reason why he lost so quickly in this fight was entirely because he wanted to show his heroism in front of Lucifer. The downfall of having too much desire to perform was that he was trampled by the opponent.

The flesh on Hobson's face twitched twice. He stared at Pei Xia with a gloomy expression, and was silent for a while before saying, "Rematch!"

"Your Excellency, if you agree to bet, you must accept to lose." Pei Xia did not accompany him to continue the trouble.

In the end, Hobson maintained the dignity of the Count. He sneered. When he looked at Lucifer, his eyes were strange and unpredictable, "Well then, since I lost, I will continue to honor Lucifer as the Holy Son from now on."

After speaking, he went upstairs with an excuse that he was uncomfortable.

Pei Xia breathed a sigh of relief, put away the sword. He was just about to turn around and say flattering words like 'May the Light God bless you' to Lucifer, his vision blurred for a second, and a dazzling person rushed in front of him.

It was Lucifer. He was frowning slightly with a sad expression, and he held Pei Xia's face with both hands.

Caught off guard by his closeness, Pei Xia became silly. His brain froze for a while, and he didn't know how to react at all.

Fortunately, after Lucifer took a closer look at his face with his azure eyes, he spoke to break Pei Xia's awkward situation: "Pei Xia, how are you, are you injured?"

"Your Holiness, please rest assured. Only a little injury.” As he said, he clenched his fist and couldn't help but said, “My face is not injured, you can let go.”

The magnified beauty of prosperity is simply a kind of weapon, making Pei Xia unconsciously hold his breath. Pei Xia couldn't help but quietly heaved a sigh of relief the moment Lucifer finally let go of his hand.

But then, his arm was caught by Lucifer.

"Let me take a look." Lucifer stared at the scratch that seep a wisps of blood on it, and said solemnly, "Pei Xia, don't touch heavy objects again today!"

Pei Xia was taken aback, "This injury....." Isn't that bad, right??!

"No!" Lucifer raised a finger to his mouth with a worried expression, "Pei Xia, this is the injury you suffered for me, I must be responsible for you!"

Pei Xia: "......" How does he feel weird?

Before he could figure it out, Lucifer took Pei Xia's hand and strode upstairs. His soft, white clothes were flying like butterfly wings. Pei Xia couldn't help but stagger away by him.

At this time, he suddenly discovered that Lucifer was not weak at all. After all, he was also a man taller than him.....

"Please prepare bandages, scissors, hot water and wound medicine." When passing by Hobson's butler, Lucifer decisively left a word on his side, and before the old butler could respond, he took Pei Xia upstairs.

Downstairs, the old butler hesitated for a moment, and looked at the onlookers Knights, "Did His Holiness say just now that he wants bandages and wound medicine?"

Buck folded his hands together and looked at Lucifer's back upstairs religiously, "As expected of the Holy Son, really considerate!"

Mallory clenched his fists excitedly, tears filled his eyes, "His Holiness loves his subordinates so much, worthy of my allegiance!"

The old housekeeper: "......" Isn't the point that your Holy Son can use light magic completely but still asks for medicine?!


Upstairs, Pei Xia was dragged by Lucifer into the room all the way. The bumps made his head dizzy, making it hard to think about what was going on.

Until he was "lightly" thrown on the bed by Lucifer. Lying on the soft big bed, Pei Xia stared at the ceiling with flowers and angels carved on it for a while, and then he was about to get up.

What's going on? He just scratched his arm, not broke his leg!

However, just as he propped himself up, he was pushed by a slender hand.

Plop, Pei Xia fell into the soft bed again.

"Your Holiness, please don't worry, I'm really fine." Pei Xia turned his head helplessly and said to the blond-haired Holy One standing next to the bed.

However, instead of the anticipated understanding of the Holy One, he saw Lucifer sighed sadly.

The terrible expression on Lucifer's face caused Pei Xia's heart to jump suddenly, and he even couldn't help but start to doubt whether he was really seriously injured.

Then, Lucifer sat down beside Pei Xia.

The bed was not only soft, but also very elastic. When Lucifer sat down, the mattress shook and Pei Xia bounced with him.

With one hand on his chest, Lucifer looked down at him sadly. His beautiful face was like a flower beaten by frost in late autumn, haggard and pitiful.

"Peixia, haven't you noticed? Count Hobson, he has a demonic breath on him!"

Peixia, "Ah?!" He was dumbfounded, he really didn't notice.

Although Hobson behaved a bit strangely today, very impulsive and gloomy, Pei Xia only thought he was dazzled by Lucifer's beauty. It turned out... Has he begun to merge with the devil?

Pei Xia vaguely remembers some of the content of the original book: Hobson would feel anxious because of Lucifer's investigation, and the devil would start to confuse Hobson after many days without sufficient blood supply. Eventually, the two merged and were purified by Lucifer.

In the morning, Lucifer asked the servants in the castle and got an unfavorable answer. At that time, Pei Xia was not worried that he would not be able to find out the truth. Because Pei Xia knew that even if Lucifer did nothing but stay here, Hobson and the demon would be ruined because of anxiety.

But... This plot should not start until a few days later. Is it because of the butterfly effect that Hobson's plot has also undergone a big change?

Pei Xia was vaguely worried, and looked at Lucifer, "Your Holiness, how is your state?" He must maintain plenty of magic power these days, and shouldn't get tired lest he will be thrown away by cannon fodder!

At this time, a servant knocked on the door and brought what Lucifer wanted. Lucifer opened the door with a smile and took it, and then locked the door tightly.

He sat on the bed next to Pei Xia, who was trying to sit up. This time, he didn't stop him any more, just pulled up Pei Xia's arm and gently stroked the wound with his white fingertips.

"Pei Xia." Lucifer called him softly with a sad expression, and seemed to find something very bad, "Your injury..."

Because Lucifer was nervous and serious, even Pei Xia became worried and afraid. His heart was pounding, "Your Holiness, please tell me directly."

"Ai!" Lucifer sighed, "Your wound is contaminated with a devil's breath, and you need to be treated very carefully. Otherwise, it will fester. And there is also a mark of the devil on it, I am afraid that the devil will come to you."

Pei Xia: "..."

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