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Chapter 1875: Chapter 1875: Di Xiaoyun’s decision (6)

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Chapter 1875: Di Xiaoyun’s decision (6)

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That bastard had killed her most beloved state preceptor. How could she be satisfied if she didn’t do anything?

di cang’s gaze looked at di xiaoyun, his phoenix eyes containing a deep meaning.” “Are you really willing to do anything for the state preceptor? Not afraid of suffering? Aren’t you afraid of danger?”

He still remembered that a few years ago, he wanted to throw di Xiaoyun into the demon Realm’s Mystic realm for training, but di Xiaoyun was unwilling to go no matter what. She gave up the princess’s life and went to the mystic realm to suffer?

Therefore, di Xiaoyun was never willing to suffer.

A few years ago, when she secretly ran out of the demon Realm, it could be considered the first time she suffered in her life!

She didn’t want to do anything else.

“I’m not afraid. As long as I can avenge the state preceptor, I’m not afraid of anything.”

di xiaoyun raised his determined eyes and said word by word.

There was only one thing that kept her alive, and that was revenge!

“I’ll show you a way, but that place is extraordinarily dangerous. If you can hold on, you’ll be able to recover the beast core you lost and your strength will greatly improve. I’ll ask you again, do you really want to go?” di cang’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly as he stared deeply at di xiaoyun.

Di Xiaoyun nodded decisively. I’ve made up my mind. No matter how hard it is, no matter how dangerous it is, I Won’t Back Down. Brother Wang, I’ll definitely come back to avenge the state preceptor!

“There is a hidden place in the demon Realm. Only the state preceptor and 1 know about that place. It is said that there is an illusionary realm in the Suan ni. The world in the illusionary realm is similar to the ancient times. There are many powerful cultivators. If you are not careful, you will die Here. You’d better think about whether you really want to go.”

Because other than that place, there was no other place for di Xiaoyun to re-cultivate his beast core.

If she wanted to take revenge, this was the only place she could increase her strength.

brother Wang, the state preceptor is willing to risk his life for me. I don’t even have the courage to avenge him. What right do 1 have to go and find her? ”

There were still tears in the corners of di Xiaoyun’s eyes, but her smile was extremely beautiful. It was so beautiful that there was a bitter taste spreading in the air.

“You’ve already made your decision, so I won’t try to persuade you. I’ll have the Grand Elder send it to you later.”

di cang’s line of sight was still on di xiaoyun.” “Although it’s an illusionary realm, if you lose your life in the illusionary realm, you won’t be able to get out.”

After hearing these words, di Xiaoyun did not have any expression, but Bai Yan’s heart suddenly tightened.

However, seeing that di Xiaoyun was determined, she could not say anything more and could only let her improve her strength.

brother Wang, don’t worry about me. I will come out. 1 haven’t avenged the state preceptor. How can 1 die? ” Di Xiaoyun laughed as tears flowed down his face again.

Her gaze slowly turned towards Bai Yan as she tightly held her hand.

“Sister-in-law, from the first time I saw you, I liked you very much. But 1 was very insensible and always made you worry about me. Sometimes, brother Wang scolded me a lot. I was a fool, so 1 didn’t know that I had fallen in love with the state preceptor. It was only when he left that I regretted it.”

“But I’m very glad that 1 have brother Wang, you, and a few lovely nephews and nieces.” Di Xiaoyun’s eyes were shining,”so, you don’t have to worry too much. I, di Xiaoyun, will definitely come back alive. I can’t bear to leave you all, Zhenzhen.”

Whether it was for revenge or because there were too many people she could not let go of, she would do her best to come back alive!

Bai Yan pulled out the hand that di Xiaoyun was holding. She directly untied her storage bag and stuffed it into di Xiaoyun’s hand.

this storage bag contains all my pills. Xiao Yun, take them. You might need them..

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