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Chapter 81: 81 Eternal Academy Report, Virtual Hunting Tower

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81 Eternal Academy Report, Virtual Hunting Tower
Mu Xuan chuckled and said, “So, we should be in the same batch.”

Qin Xi blushed. She was a little embarrassed to have mistaken a new student of the same batch as a senior.

Fortunately, at this moment, the large flying beasts finally gathered under the shout of the Beast Tamer Master and they all flew to the Western Capital Fort.

The Sichuan Basin from Yuzhou to the Western Capital was basically under the control of humans, so there wasn’t much danger. On the way, they only encountered a wave of flying demon beasts and arrived safely in the Western Capital.

When they approached the city wall of the Western Capital, Mu Xuan looked from afar and saw that the Western Capital Fort had almost completely blocked the entire mountain pass. Unlike the Imperial Capital, the buildings in the Western Capital were not tall, and there wasn’t much light. The style had also changed from prosperous to crude and fierce.

The flying beast tamer sighed and said, “This is our Western Capital Fort. It has resisted the demon beasts in the Hundred Thousand Mountains for more than a hundred years! Ever since the Western Capital Fort was built, no demon beast has successfully invaded!”

Mu Xuan nodded gently. Information about the Western Capital rose in his mind…

More than a hundred years ago, the Sichuan Basin was repeatedly attacked by beast tides. Later on, the Dragon Country’s government finally made up their minds. They mobilized the entire country to build the Western Capital Fort and completely stopped the beast tide outside the Western Capital.

They even used the Western Capital as a bridgehead and often sent troops from the Western Capital to cleanse the demon beasts in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Up until now, there were already nine universities in the Western Capital. Apart from the Eternal Academy, which was a part of the five major universities, there were also eight other universities. There were as many as 100,000 Beast Tamer university students, and over the years, they had nurtured more than a million Beast Tamer university students.

Fifty years ago, a second fortress was even built in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. That was Changdu!

Unfortunately, in just ten years, Changdu was captured by the beast tide under the joint plan of the Dark Alliance and the Beast God Sect. Changdu was lost.

Since then, in the past 40 years, humans had once again retreated from the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Soon, Mu Xuan and Qin Xi stepped into the Western Capital Fort and personally felt the ferocious aura of the fortress city…

Next, it was naturally the school registration, qualification examination, admission, and a series of other operations. Later on, they were each assigned a single dormitory with two rooms and a hall. It completely surpassed the dormitory in his previous life.

However, according to the words of an enthusiastic senior, Li Lu, the school also provided a single villa. However, if he wanted this villa, he had to display powerful strength and snatch it according to the region ranking.

There were a total of nine districts in the entire Eternal Academy, which was also nine departments. They were split according to the division of species. For example, Mu Xuan was divided into Area A, where dragon-type beasts were. All the students in Area A had dragon-type beasts. It was said that the competition pressure was the greatest.

Of course, Mu Xuan didn’t care at all. He didn’t believe that there was a new student in Area A who was more impressive than him!

After a full day of work, the admission process was finally completed. After Mu Xuan rested for the night, he didn’t immediately go out of the Western Capital to hunt. He planned to understand the Eternal Academy’s resource bank first and see if there were any resources he needed.

On the Eternal Intranet, the resources in the resource vault appeared in front of Mu Xuan, shocking him. He really didn’t expect the resources in the Eternal Academy’s resource vault to be so abundant.

Even if he didn’t have special authority and couldn’t see special resources, just based on those incomparably varied ordinary resources, Mu Xuan had already deduced that the special resources of Eternal Academy were much more than he imagined!

“As expected, it’s the right choice to come to Eternal Academy.” Mu Xuan chuckled.

On the other side, the girl, Qin Xi, was also in her dormitory. She checked the resources on the Eternal Intranet and smiled. “With so many resources, there will definitely be phoenix blood. Eternal Academy is indeed the right choice!”

The next day, Mu Xuan walked out of the dormitory. He couldn’t wait to go outside the Western Capital to hunt demon beasts.

Just as Mu Xuan left Area A and headed out of the school, he passed by a tall tower. To his surprise, there were people coming and going under the tall tower. There were at least a hundred people gathered, and there was also a big screen that seemed to be listing something.

This naturally piqued Mu Xuan’s interest. When he approached and asked, he realized that this was the Virtual Hunting Tower that Senior Li Lu had mentioned yesterday!

It was said that in the Virtual Hunting Tower, one could directly enter the tower with a spirit body. It could simulate 98% of the beast tamer’s real life strength. The trial-takers needed to kill all the demon beasts within the specified time to successfully pass the level.

There were a total of 12 levels in the Virtual Hunting Tower. With every level cleared, one could obtain credits, which were the key to exchanging resources!

One credit could be exchanged for an elite-level resource.

10 credits could be exchanged for a commander-level resource.

100 credits could be exchanged for overlord-level resources!

And 1,000 credits could be exchanged for an ordinary beast king-level resource.

Then, Mu Xuan saw that when a challenger passed the first level, that level would flicker, attracting the discussion of the group of people beside him. Especially when someone entered the rankings, it even attracted waves of exclamations. It was really perfect for showing off.

At this moment, a pretty boy walked out in high spirits. Beside Mu Xuan, he had already begun to exclaim, “It’s Liu Zihao. This time, he broke through to the 9th level and is ranked 99th. He’s too strong!”

“Number 99. If he can maintain his ranking for a month, he can obtain 100 credits!”

“The 9th level… Those are all high-level overlord-level demon beasts, right? Is Liu Zihao’s Monochrome Overlord Dog already so powerful?!”

“That’s right. Liu Zihao is going to rise up this time!”

Hearing the discussion of the others, Mu Xuan was speechless on the spot. The other party was only at the high-level overlord level, but he was already considered to be rising? Then if he took out the quasi beast king-level Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon, wouldn’t he immediately take off?

Mu Xuan shook his head. He didn’t expect Eternal Academy to also exaggerate so much.

A senior seemed to see Mu Xuan shake his head and chuckled. “Junior, you seem to look down on this Liu Zihao.”

Mu Xuan nodded slightly. “That’s right. Is this all our Eternal Academy has?” With that said, Mu Xuan pointed at Liu Zihao.

The senior immediately smiled. “Junior, this Virtual Hunting Tower is for students below the beast king level to train. Liu Zihao’s overlord level 7 is not bad!”

Mu Xuan immediately came to a realization. He originally thought that Eternal Academy was only at this level. It seemed that beast king-level beast tamers no longer bothered with such a fake hunting tower.

Mu Xuan suddenly asked, “Senior, how many credits can I get by clearing this Virtual Hunting Tower?”

The senior didn’t understand, but she still introduced, “If you clear it, you will surely get a lot of points. After clearing the 12th level of the Virtual Hunting Tower, you can obtain the basic 666 credits. If you perform well in the tower and clear it in a short time, there will be bonuses!

“Why? Do you want to try it too?”

Mu Xuan’s eyes lit up. 666 credits… seemed to be enough for him to exchange for half a beast king-level resource!

Then, Mu Xuan directly entered the Hunting Tower.

Not long after Mu Xuan entered, two outstanding-looking men also entered the Virtual Hunting Tower. When they entered, the surrounding students were already excited.

“It’s actually Ren Xiaojun, who is ranked ninth, and Ke Xiaotian, who is ranked twelfth!”

“Ren Xiaojun’s Iron Blood Blade Mantis should already be at the quasi beast king level, right? Could it be that it’s preparing to directly clear the level this time?!”

“And Ke Xiaotian, his White Jade Battle Elephant should also be at the quasi beast king level.”

“I heard that Ren Xiaojun and Ke Xiaotian are both pursuing Zhu Menghan. Could it be that they want to compete in the Virtual Hunting Tower this time?”

“Damn, could this be the bet they mentioned some time ago? Hahahaha, this will be exciting!”

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