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Chapter 541: 541

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Chapter 541 (He caught it!)

Qi Xuewen stabilized himself in the air, and his limbs were tightly pressed against the ring to increase friction. His fingers were stained with blood, leaving a long, shocking trail. After skating to the edge of the ring, he just stabilized, narrowly avoiding a fall if the ring was not big enough.

Ye Xiao was a little surprised, but he stabilized, which was impressive. The people in the south broke out in a cold sweat, relieved that they were stable. Meanwhile, the northerners laughed loudly, hoping that Qi Xuewen would fall so that Patriarch Ye could kill him later.

Ye Hua, who was watching from the stands, took notice of Qi Xuewen and was impressed by his perseverance.

Jue Tian's voice appeared in Ye Hua's mind, "Your Honor, he is the young man from last night."

Ye Hua thought that this young man was even more interesting and wondered what surprises he would bring.

Qi Xuewen stood in the field, anger boiling inside him as he heard the northerners' ridicule. 'Damn it!' he thought, 'I must win, I must!'

Without hesitation, he exchanged all of his dragon energy in the system for strength and speed, determined to keep up with Ye Xiao's speed.

After confirming the exchange in the system, Qi Xuewen felt a drastic change in his body, with increased strength and a lighter feeling. However, all the dragon energy he had saved for several months was gone. He had planned to build a dragon palace on the bottom of the sea, but now that seemed to be in vain.

Despite the loss, he had to win the game and at least place in the top three to comfort himself. His eyes turned cold, and he used the dragon energy to enhance his abilities. With a cold snort, he leaned forward and kicked off with tremendous force, breaking the solid bluestones in the arena.

Ye Xiao's face darkened as he saw Qi Xuewen's speed increase. Everyone was stunned by Qi Xuewen's abilities, which were hidden so deeply that they were only revealed when he exchanged his dragon energy. Ye Xiao dodged quickly, but Qi Xuewen adjusted his attack posture, violating gravity with ease.

Ye Xiao was startled and blocked Qi Xuewen's fist with his left hand, but Qi Xuewen still had his knee and pushed it up. Reflexively, Ye Xiao used his right hand to resist, breaking his own rule. The northerners were disappointed, while the southerners were ecstatic.

"Qi Xuewen, great job!" Xin Ba shouted, looking extremely excited. The people in the south followed suit, shouting in support. Meanwhile, the northerners stopped talking, and the southerners continued to shout.

Duan Hou calmly stated, "This Ye Xiao is getting old," and Jiang Yuanzhou agreed, "Yes, this young man is not simple, he hides very deeply."

Chu He added, "If they don't use their spiritual power, the speed of the two of them should be reduced to a lower level, but Ye Xiao's physical strength should be stronger than that young man."

Duan Hou said coldly, "No matter how strong the physical body is, it won't be able to withstand constant attacks. I hope Ye Xiao won't lose too embarrassingly."

Ye Xiao didn't plan to lose, but he didn't intend to lose to the unknown young man.

Both Ye Hua and his daughter were wrong about this, but Qi Xuewen is also an exception.

The huge dragon energy gave Qi Xuewen the ability to fight Ye Xiao, but only if spiritual energy wasn't used. If spiritual energy was used, the gap would be immediately evident since Qi Xuewen isn't a match for Ye Xiao.

However, the competition rules are set this way, and there's nothing that can be done about it.

"Young man, you're amazing!" Ye Xiao pushed Qi Xuewen away with his hands.

He didn't expect to lose so much face to this young man, and now he must kill him.

Aside from wanting to kill him, Ye Xiao was also surprised. This young man didn't have this speed earlier, but now he's exploded. He must have been hiding his strength, which is very meticulous.

Such a young person cannot be allowed to live, as they'll definitely be a disaster in the future.

Although Ye Xiao wants to drive the Queen from power, he remains loyal to the North.

Qi Xuewen could sense Ye Xiao's murderous intent and realized that he had angered Ye Xiao. Today won't end easily.

It seems that he must give it his all.

"Patriarch Ye, be careful!" Qi Xuewen didn't hold back anymore and initiated the attack.

His strange speed broke out again, and the "sharp turn" was a straight line impact, but a sudden turn made it difficult to defend against.

Ye Xiao snorted coldly, and an aura burst out, leaving everyone speechless. He still has this aura without using his spiritual energy, proving that he deserves to be the patriarch of the aristocratic family.

"You'll be beaten to death by me!" Ye Xiao's fist directly blasted out, and he chose to face Qi Xuewen head-on.


An invisible airwave exploded immediately, sweeping the entire arena clean, capable of flattening everything.

The audience was silent once again.

Everyone from the North was stunned, but a small patriarch from the South had caught Ye Xiao's fist. How could this be?

When the Southerners saw Qi Xuewen catch Ye Xiao's fist, they cheered as if they'd been injected with chicken blood.

It was completely unexpected that Qi Xuewen could catch Ye Xiao's punch!

Even Qi Xuewen himself was a little confused, as he'd just caught a punch from the head of the family.

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