Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late
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She wanted to be loved when she was young, and to be recognized when she grew up.The ground that buried her mother’s body hadn’t dried up enough, but her father already brought in his illegitimate child as her sister.“…You did a good job, Charelize.”When she heard that she did a good job for the first time, she thought from then on she was going to live a happy life.However, that was her mistake. Charelize thought about what had happened for a while.That illegitimate child drinks poisoned tea on her own to bring her down.“All the time I’ve spent with you is terrible.”Being betrayed by her fiancé, whom she loved with all her heart.“Since you bring down our family dignity, our relationship is no longer a relationship between father-daughter.”Her father didn’t recognize her as his daughter nor successor until the very end.She gave up the child in her belly in the cold prison and chose to die.It was only then that she was able to let go of the relationship that had been severe since a long time.She ridiculed herself who had been struggling in her lonely life.* * *When she opened her eyes, the spring when she was 17 years old came to her again.Her fiancé, who remembered everything about the past, weeps and begs for her forgiveness. Her father came to her because she made a different action than what she had been doing before.“Don’t be happy, and don’t laugh too. Just live your life in hell.”“If you couldn’t be a father, then you shouldn’t have given birth to me.”At the sad regrets that coming late, this time she let go of their hand first.

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