Zhanxian - Chapter 588.2

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Chapter 588.2: Do It With Your Heart

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Chapter 588.2: Do It With Your Heart

“I can’t give you any status.” Yang Chen sighed and said with a wry smile.

“Slave don’t dare to ask extravagantly, I just want to have master in my heart!” Mrs. Fanghua said tamely, and pleaded softly again “I don’t ask the master to be perfect, this slave will definitely work hard in the future to thank master for his grace!”

“You can’t kill me, so you want to solve the heart tribulation?” Yang Chen stretched out his hand and pulled Mrs. Fanghua up, and asked lightly.

“If i can’t kill master, this slave just can’t reach the great consummation.” Madam Fanghua did not follow Yang Chen’s words, but expressed her actual thoughts “If this slaves attack the master three times and the master cannot be killed, then there is no need to kill, and it is also a way to fall in love with the master.”

This time, Mrs. Fanghua had indeed pinpointed Yang Chen’s pulse. In the face of Mrs. Fanghua, Yang Chen has absolute certainty to win, even if she has broken through the heart tribulation. So, to tell the truth, it made Yang Chen look at Mrs. Fanghua differently.

“Are you sure you won’t regret it?” Yang Chen seriously confirmed to Mrs. Fanghua “If you can’t kill me, according to what you said, you will fall in love with me for the rest of your life, and you must not rebel.”

“Slave will never regret it!” Mrs. Fanghua also showed a decisive look on her face, and answered decisively “Please master!”

Yang Chen didn’t speak this time, but reached out and hooked Mrs. Fanghua’s chin, making her pretty face lift up with Yang Chen’s fingers. Mrs. Fanghua didn’t say a word, but there was a soft tangled gaze in her eyes.

Looking at this delicate face, Yang Chen’s mind was frantically surging, whether he was going to accept this witch. The demon sect is also a powerful force in the spiritual world and Immortal world. If he wants to fight against the Profound Heaven Sect, he must unite many forces. Now that he has sent Ye Zhenxiong from the Promise Demon Sect for friendship, the Yin Yang Demon Sect might as well have more of his own power.

With Mrs. Fanghua here, Yang Chen can get a strong support without paying anything. After much deliberation, Yang Chen still decided to accept Madam Fanghua’s allegiance. After all, the Yin-Yang Demon Sect would never be able to get along with the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the enemy of his enemy is his friend.

Phew, the flying shuttle appeared out of thin air, wrapped Yang Chen and Mrs. Fanghua in it, and then quickly escaped into the deep underground.

Inside the flying shuttle near the edge of the magma, Madam Fanghua, dressed in an almost transparent tulle, with infinite innocence in her eyes, carefully waited for Yang Chen to take off her robes. Casual every move, always able to reveal the crystal white skin, the looming scene, people can not help but bleed from seeing it.

“Master, have mercy!” Madam Fanghua’s beautiful and tender body as soft as jade was lying on the bed, her two jade arms were hooked around Yang Chen’s neck, she exhaled like a blue orchid, and said softly like a cuckoo’s voice. After speaking, she closed her eyes and waited for Yang Chen’s favor.

At the critical moment, Yang Chen, who was already caught in lust, suddenly turned his face away, turned his head to the side, and said with a smile: “If your cultivation method has just this charming effect, it is probably useless on me.”

Where Yang Chen’s eyes went, where there should have been nothing, Madam Fanghua’s shocked face suddenly appeared. Under Yang Chen’s body, her delicate body was still twisting emotionally.

“Master is indeed great, and this servant is convinced!” As Mrs. Fanghua spoke, the delicate body under Yang Chen disappeared instantly. With a look of admiration, Mrs. Fanghua’s delicate body wrapped around Yang Chen’s body from the side.

“Wan Yanqianhong, do you mean incarnation of thousands of people?” Yang Chen smiled again, and asked casually, he stretched out his hand in an empty direction, he directly touched a fiery tender body and pulled into his arms “As long as the real body is not discovered, once I achieve good things, I will be completely fascinated by you, right?”

Madam Fanghua, who suddenly appeared in his arms, had uncontrollable horror in her eyes, but her body rhythmically moved around Yang Chen like a snake.

Yang Chen’s hand firmly embraced this body in his arms, feeling the delicate skin from top to bottom, but he said something irrelevant in his mouth: “I allow you to do it three times after the fact, it doesn’t mean that you will do it three times before the event. You also have three chances. There are only three things to do, this is the second time, and once again, you will never have to investigate the calamity!”

“Master, have mercy!” This time, Mrs. Fanghua didn’t say anything more, just repeated the coquettish voice just now, and then took the initiative to wrap around Yang Chen’s body.

When the cloudy rain had just rested, Mrs. Fanghua seemed to be extremely careful to put away the blood-stained white handkerchief under her body, and then put it into Yang Chen’s arms again.

Perhaps because of the cultivation technique, the aura of Mrs. Fanghua before and after was completely different. If there are still traces of acting in front of Yang Chen, then there is a joy from the heart behind him, as if he already owns the world in Yang Chen’s arms.

This invisible emotional change, Yang Chen, who has experienced countless times of tempering with demonic qi, can clearly feel it. As Mrs. Fanghua said, she has now completely regarded Yang Chen as her lover, and wished she could devote herself to Yang Chen.

She had just passed her tribulation, and her cultivation was not stable enough, but after experiencing this, Yang Chen could clearly find that Mrs. Fanghua’s cultivation had improved a lot in a short period of time. Within days, she had already reached the middle early Dacheng stage.

With such a rapid improvement in cultivation, it cannot but be said that this secret technique was indeed unique. It’s just that the cultivation method of the demon sect was very strange, this was not the great perfection. Yang Chen really wanted to know what it was like to enter the Great Perfection when Mrs. Fanghua failed to kill him three times.

“After you go back, your status should improve.” Yang Chen put his arms around the delicate body in his arms and instructed “You don’t have to do anything else, just cultivate on your own, and then attract more Yin-Yang Demon Sects disciples for your use. I will give you two thousand kilograms of high-grade spirit stones, plus a batch of medicinal pills, which is enough for you to squander.”

“Master, don’t worry, this slaves will do it for you beautifully.” Mrs. Fanghua agreed, with a kind of joy in her tone, as if she could do things for her lover, just like her great happiness.

“Your flying sword is rubbish, I have already destroyed it.” Yang Chen directly took out a top-quality flying sword obtained in the secret plane of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and handed it to Mrs. Fanghua “This is to be used as your life source flying sword.”

Mrs. Fanghua happily put it away, her joy beyond words.

“Also, after you go back, pay attention to who is cultivating the “Free heart demon sutra” Yang Chen instructed again “If there is any news, please pass the news directly to the people in the Wine Immortal House.”

“Yes!” Although she didn’t know why, Mrs. Fanghua agreed without any objection.

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