Zhanxian - Chapter 686

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Chapter 686: Chapter 686: Precious Materials

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Chapter 686: Precious Materials
Yang Chen, who was enjoying the peaceful world of two with Gao Yue, suddenly felt a tremor in the merit ring. As soon as the heart moved, his spiritual awareness immediately penetrated into it, and instantly found the source of the trembling.

The bottle medicine garden has been growing continuously under Yang Chen’s series of sacrificial refinings. The medicine garden was different from Yang Chen’s other magic weapons. From the beginning when he got the bottle medicine garden, the medicine garden was a high-level magic weapon. Unlike the profound spirit furnace and Immortal beheading blade, it was only after Yang Chen’s step-by-step cultivation and sacrificial refinings that it was able to upgrade from a low-grade to a middle-grade magic weapon all the way.

Enriched some medicinal materials of hundreds of thousands of years, added Yang Chen Heavenly Spirit Treasure Refining Secret Art, Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secret Art and Universe Treasure Raising Secret Art sacrificial refining, absorbed and fused several other medicine garden spaces, now in the bottle medicine garden there was already triple space. The first level contains the thousand-year-old medicinal materials, the second level contains the 10,000-year-old medicinal materials and the third level contains the hundred-thousand-year-old medicinal materials.

This time, the tremor in the bottle medicine garden was related to the tool spirit A’Zhu. In the years since he got the peach tree, A’Zhu has been busy, trying to fuse and devour the peach tree with her own body. A’Zhu body is also a peach tree, although it can be regarded as a different species, it is completely comparable with the Immortal peach tree that Yang Chen got. The Immortal peach tree grown from the Immortal peach in the hands of the old man was a treasure even in the Immortal world. Even if the years of growth in the human world are not enough, it was enough to bring great benefits to A’Zhu.

The shock of the merit ring just now was related to the fact that A’Zhu completely absorbed and fused the Immortal peach tree, and her realm was greatly improved. The two tool spirits were all promoted, and Yang Chen’s cultivation of the bottle medicine garden has finally brought about a qualitative change. The level of the magic weapon has been raised again, and it has directly become the top magic weapon in the world. Even the current Immortal beheading blade and profound spirit furnace are a level lower than the medicine garden.

Now the two weapon spirits, A’Zhu and A’bi, are no less than human Immortal realm masters in terms of pure realm. It’s a pity that their bodies have been completely imprisoned within the bottle medicine garden, and they have become weapon spirits, so they can’t ascend. They can only wait for Yang Chen to ascend and take them into the spiritual world and Immortal world one day.

Just the moment when the magic weapon of the bottle medicine garden was upgraded by absorbing and fusing the Immortal peach, the medicinal materials in all the medicine garden spaces were directly increased by hundreds of years out of thin air. Those Penglai devine woods who have been cultivating in the space of the medicine garden and have spiritual wisdom have also obtained great benefits because of this.

Originally, they had been cultivating in the medicine garden for hundreds of years, and these Penglai devine woods had already reached the level of the peak Jiedan stage, but now because of the change in the space of the medicine garden, it directly triggered their breakthrough.

Without further ado, Yang Chen released all the Penglai devine wood monsters, and the tribulation clouds in the sky began to gather rapidly. This movement immediately attracted the attention of the elders of the Pure Yang Palace. After discovering that it was caused by Gao Yue, they immediately began to make arrangements.

The twenty-four Penglai devine wood monsters were of almost the same level of cultivation, and they survived the tribulation at the same time, the thunder tribulation caused was extremely exaggerated, even half the power of the thunder tribulation when Yang Chen went through the tribulation back then. However, for the Penglai devine wood monsters, who only cultivated the twelve zodiac crowd guarding great formation in addition to their own cultivation, joining forces and crossing the tribulation was simply an instinct in life.

The jaw-dropping and terrifying thunder tribulation came crazily. The Penglai devine wood monsters were divided into two groups, forming two Twelve Zodiac Crowd Guarding Great Formation, which easily resisted the thunder tribulation.

They are natural devine trees, and they have been incented in front of the earth temple for many years. The strength of these Penglai devine wood monsters is beyond everyone’s expectations. In Yang Chen’s eyes, a thunder tribulation that was stronger than the other was all about tempering their bodies.

At this time, the Jiedan stage disciples in the Pure Yang Palace had a good opportunity, this kind of ceremony watching scene was a rare reference experience for their future cultivation.

The promotion of the Penglai devine wood monsters was another small surprise. With them, Yang Chen became more confident that Gao Yue could absorb the qi of the three Emperors. However, now is not the time to immediately arrange for Gao Yue to absorb the Qi of the three Emperors, he has to deal with the diagram of the demon sealing formation first.

While waiting for the buyer to come to the door, Yang Chen and Gao Yue began to sort out the things left in the Zhao Family Manor. In this regard, Gao Yue, the legitimate hostess, seemed very competent. In her words, there are so many good things about her husband that even he doesn’t know how much money he has, so Gao Yue has to count it slowly.

The things in the Zhao Family Manor are not just the map of the Demon Sealing Formation. Among them, most of the cultivation methods are of great reference value. These need to be identified by Yang Chen one by one before being enriched in the Sutra Pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace. It’s a pity that these cultivation methods are of little use to Yang Chen and Gao Yue who have already cultivated the true essence cultivation methods, only some cultivation experience can be used for reference.

Some of the things that Long Xuan left to Yang Chen surprised Yang Chen. Among other things, at least some of the undersea medicinal materials that have been grown for tens of thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years, Yang Chen transplanted them into his bottle medicine garden immediately after discovering them.

It has to be admitted that in the vast ocean, there are countless treasures of heaven and earth, much more than on land. The inaccessible seabed, for Long Xuan, is his home, where he can find good things anytime and anywhere. In the long life of hundreds of thousands of years, things that are not at the level of treasures cannot enter the eyes of Long Xuan at all.

Although the Zhao family controlled Long Xuan through the formation technique and made him contribute a lot, the real precious materials Long Xuan kept for himself. It’s a pity that these treasures of heaven, material and earth have been maintained in their most primitive state, and Long Xuan has no chance to further refine these things, so he can only simply preserve them. It was not known where he usually hides these things so that the Zhao family won’t find out.

In the beginning, every time Gao Yue found a good thing, Gao Yue would be pleasantly surprised for a long time, but in the end, there were almost endless precious materials that made her not surprised at all, except that Long Xuan lived long enough and found enough precious materials, besides that there is no other feeling. Just like being in the Dragon Palace, who would care if a floor tile is the top quality jade?

As for Yang Chen himself, he took the pieces of jade slips and slowly sorted them out, watching Gao Yue fly like a hardworking bee among all kinds of treasure piles, with an indescribable happiness on her face.

Soon, Yang Chen discovered that the things left by Long Xuan, together with some treasures of the Zhao family, could actually make up a complete set of materials needed for the Demon Sealing Formation. This is another great thing for the Pure Yang Palace.

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