Zhanxian - Chapter 780

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Chapter 780

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“The Young Sect Master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, has received treatment from grandmaster Yang because of his spiritual awareness?” The Island Master keenly grasped this word and asked, wanting to confirm.

“Yes, Island Master, back then grandmaster Yang refined thousands of spirit congealing pills for Li Liheng successively, and later got the news that Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness was completely cured and never relapsed.” Elder Min replied quickly, the young sect master who was mentioned has also become Li Liheng’s name.

The small difference in address has already revealed the change in the Green Jade Immortal Island’s attitude. The elders are all human beings, how could they not hear the difference?

Analyzing from the normal logic, Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness was injured back then, and in just a few hundred years after being healed, he entered the Yuanying stage from the Jiedan stage, and it is said that his spiritual awareness has greatly increased, and he has broken through the Dacheng stage. If there is no problem in it, then there are ghosts helping him.

The appearance of Li Yunyu is really too easy to associate. Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness was injured, and then healed, and his cultivation base soared in a short period of time, while Li Yunyu looked like she was treated as a cauldron, coupled with the endless repetition of the Free Demon Heart Sutra in her mouth, the young sect master or something, as long as it is not fool, their first reaction would be that it must be related to the Greatest Heaven Sect, at least it is also related to Li Liheng.

Although Mrs. Fanghua of the demon sect and Elder Zhao came here together, the Green Jade Immortal Island also learned about the details. It seems that Elder Zhao of the Blood Fiend Sect discovered Li Yunyu first. Together they sent Li Yunyu to the Green Jade Immortal Island.

Of course, Mrs. Fanghua also has a way of saying why she did this. They came out to look for the missing disciples of the sect. Using Li Yunyu as a gift is also considered to be a good relationship, and they hope that the Green Jade Immortal Island can help them a lot in their purpose.

How could Mrs. Fanghua not think of things that the people of the Green Jade Immortal Island can think of in a blink of an eye? Presumably she also had doubts about the Greatest Heaven Sect, and she and Elder Zhao couldn’t do anything about the Greatest Heaven Sect, so they sent Li Yunyu back. It would be a joke to say how noble they are.

It is precisely because this explanation is plausible that the core elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island felt that Mrs. Fanghua and Elder Zhao are credible, which is natural. Those heart demon vows also accounted for a huge proportion of it.

Li Yunyu disappeared after chasing and trying to kill Yang Chen back then. At that time, Yang Chen was fine. The Green Jade Immortal Island tried to use the natal tablet to track her down, but they still had no way of knowing her whereabouts. In the end, they could only be sure that Li Yunyu was not dead, but they didn’t know where she was, Li Yunyu was also a traitor back then.

Like Li Yunyu, who had the same reputation as a traitor, there were also Bei Shuangyu and Liu Zixuan. These two disappeared together when they were punished by the sect, and their natal tablet also disappeared. The sect has never found them. This time, they heard their names from Li Yunyu’s mouth.

If Mrs. Fanghua and Elder Zhao are not lying, Li Yunyu was found near the Greatest Heaven Sect. In addition to everyone’s speculation, it seems that the traitors of the Green Jade Immortal Island are either Li Yunyu or Bei Shuangyu. Whether it is Liu Zifang or not, they were all hidden by the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect, which can also explain why the Green Jade Immortal Island has never been able to find their whereabouts.

What does it mean that the Greatest Heaven Sect took in the traitorous disciples from the Green Jade Immortal Island? Li Yunyu and Liu Zifang are fine, they are all ordinary elders, and they don’t know much about the secrets of the Green Jade Immortal Island. But Bei Shuangyu is different, before she betrayed her sect, she was a core elder. There are few core secrets of the Greatest Heaven Sect that she doesn’t know.

This also means that if Bei Shuangyu is under the control of the Greatest Heaven Sect, all the big and small things on the Green Jade Immortal Island will have completely fallen into the eyes of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and they can know what they want to know. Thinking of this, the Island Master felt a cold feeling from the bottom of her heart spread throughout her body.

“Grandmaster Yang used spirit congealing pills to heal Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness, go to Shanshan to ask for a few.” It is related to the safety of the sect, the Island Master can’t care about other things, and directly ordered Elder Min: “No matter what conditions Yang Chen wants, promised him.”

Elder Min agreed and left immediately to make arrangements. Thanks to Yang Chen’s blessing, Shi Shanshan came out of Langya Well two years ago. Since Shi Shanshan left the sect for more than a hundred years, she has been serving the sect with her master Song Huan these days. 

In less than half a day, Elder Min hurried back with a jade bottle, handed it to the Island Master, and at the same time reported: “Shanshan had spirit congealing pills on her body.” At the end, she explained : “Yang Chen is very kind to Shanshan, and Shanshan has all his pills.”

This can be regarded as explaining the reason why Shi Shanshan possesses the spirit congealing pills, and it shows that Shi Shanshan may have nothing to do with this matter. In the past, because Elder Min didn’t take care of her, some people in the Green Jade Immortal Island secretly targeted Shi Shanshan, which made Yang Chen furious and wanted to seek justice for Shi Shanshan. This time, the mistakes of the past cannot be repeated.

In fact, Elder Min did not need to do anything, no one in the room would doubt Shi Shanshan. It is not surprising that Shi Shanshan has the spirit congealing pills. With Yang Chen’s character of almost threatening the entire Green Jade Immortal Island because of Shi Shanshan, everyone would think there is a problem if Shi Shanshan does not have the spirit congealing pills.

Opening the jade bottle, the Island Master took a look at the second grade spirit congealing pills inside, pondered for a while, took out one, and handed it to Elder Min: “Give Li Yunyu one, and see if she will talk when you ask her something?”

The second grade spirit congealing pills were indeed miraculous, and not long after Li Yunyu took it, she no longer felt that sense of fear, and became quiet again. This time the state looked better than before she was not frightened, and Li Yunyu showed much more energy.

Li Yunyu’s condition was not much, and the elders tried their best to ask questions slowly with the most gentle voice. Of course, their questions also carefully avoided the title of young sect master, but asked other questions in a circumstantial manner.

“Apart from Elder Bei and Elder Liu, who are other acquaintances you have met?” After asking several questions in succession, Li Yunyu just repeated the Free Demonic Heart Sutra. It wasn’t until then that the Island Lord calmed her heart that she asked this question.

Li Yunyu’s expression instantly fell into confusion, as if she was beginning to recall, after a while, Li Yunyu began to say a few names intermittently.

As if they had found a treasure, the core elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island carefully recorded the names of these people that Li Yunyu said.

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