Zhanxian - Chapter 806

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Chapter 806

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Chapter 806: The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Reserve Secret Plane


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Aren’t there dozens of grand elders? Why are there only a dozen corpses here? Gongsun Ling wanted to ask, but after thinking about it for a while, she still didn’t ask. What her husband just said is that they are gone, no more may mean that their lives are gone, or it may also mean that they are completely wiped out.

Even on the corpses, one can see the strong cultivation base. The two women’s faces turned pale as they felt the news sent back by their spiritual awareness. It’s scary to think that their husband was actually facing such an enemy.

“The things in the Greatest Heaven Sect are hidden deep, you have to look for them carefully.” Yang Chen pointed at a big mountain and said with a smile: “I was afraid that they would destroy it in the first place, so I kept it at the bottom of the mountain. It’s going to be hard on you.”

The two women are very happy to clean the battlefield, especially cleaning the battlefield of their husbands. It is an honor and a pride, everything here is the trophy of their husband.

Needless to say, Gongsun Ling directly activated the mountain and river geography map. Immediately, all the places in the sky and underground in this space were reflected in the mountain and river geography map. It was clear at a glance where there was anything strange.

“Husband, what are you doing?” Gao Yue couldn’t help but ask with a smile, seeing that Yang Chen was planning to act like a hands-off shopkeeper.

“This opportunity is rare, you must feed your natal magic weapon properly.” Yang Chen smiled mysteriously, and then said: “Take out your dragon horn flying sword, and A’Ling, and also bring out the mountain and river geographical map.”

The two women were very surprised and handed Yang Chen the dragon horn flying sword and the geographical map of mountains and rivers. Their beautiful eyes stared at Yang Chen curiously, not knowing what Yang Chen was going to do.

Yang Chen did not explain, but took out the Immortal beheading blade, the golden bell, the medicine garden, the profound spirit furnace, the medicine gourd, the Dragon Clan’s gourd, and the sea-inverting jade cup from his body, and summoned Xiao Tian and let it take out the dragon tower, and then gathered these things together and stuffed them into the dragon tower.

Next, Yang Chen flew back and forth in the demon sealing formation a few times. After feeling the distribution of spiritual power inside, he placed the dragon tower in a strange position.

“Xiao Tian, control the dragon tower. How much spiritual power can be absorbed by the dragon tower?” After placing the dragon tower, Yang Chen threw Xiao Tian into the dragon tower and ordered at the same time: “The things inside are the same, they can absorb, so take in as much as you can and don’t waste it.”

It wasn’t until Yang Chen finished instructing Xiao Tian and stopped being busy that the two women asked Yang Chen why. Yang Chen couldn’t explain it in too much detail. He just said that this was the center of the Greatest Heaven Sect spirit gathering array, which provided a large amount of spiritual power, so he didn’t say much more.

In fact, the place where the Dragon Tower is placed happens to be the special formation eye of the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation here, but it is just not activated. However, the great formation at the Greatest Heaven Sect echoes the great formation here. At least half of the spiritual power that the special formation eye of the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation captures from all over the world will come to this place. Such a large amount of spiritual power will be transferred to this place, it would be a shame not to use it.

The two women could feel that the spiritual power here was very abundant, but it was just about the same as the Dragon Palace. There seemed to be nothing surprising about it so they were very puzzled by Yang Chen’s actions.

The Greatest Heaven Sect has specially arranged a demon-sealing formation here. In addition to housing these grand elders, there is also a backup warehouse for the sect. Once something happens to the sect, as long as this stronghold is there, the Greatest Heaven Sect still has the resources to make a comeback.

Despite the strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect, as long as they don’t do anything that causes anger and resentment, there is almost no chance of the sect being destroyed. But there are no absolutes in things in this world, and cultivators know that the situation is inevitable, and there are still necessary preparations.

That backup warehouse was actually not far from the strongest elder who was at the tenth grade human immortal realm. The entire small demon-sealing formation was suddenly attacked by Yang Chen, and no one would even think of protecting these things. All the grand elders seem to have a common self-confidence. For so many years, the Greatest Heaven Sect has been fighting in the east and west, and has never thought of relying on reserve supplies to start a business.

Based on this kind of self-confidence, no one would destroy the sect’s backup warehouse immediately when it was attacked. If the Greatest Heaven Sect is attacked, of course it will kill the attacker. Why do they need to destroy the resources that the sect has worked so hard to save?

The result of killing demon cultivators was that the Greatest Heaven Sect had accumulated resources for countless generations and was easily controlled by Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling. However, for the time being, the three of them have only found the entrance, and there is still a small gap between getting them all.

It is said to be a warehouse, but it is actually a secret plane of the sect. Inside is a space used to store the Greatest Heaven Sect’s resources. In theory, the method of entry and exit should only be in the hands of a few high-level core elders.

However, it may be that the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect are too confident. On the one hand, there is a demon-sealing formation on the outside for protection, and there are dozens of grand elders inside. In the eyes of the Greatest Heaven Sect core elders, this is equivalent to being impregnable. On the other hand, if the seal is too tight and even the successor disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect cannot open it if something goes wrong, then the significance of this backup warehouse will be lost.

From these aspects, the entry and exit of this sect’s secret plane is not particularly complicated. Especially when making arrangements at the beginning, one or a few of the grand elders will definitely be able to open it.

As a result, the qiankun bags of all the deceased Greatest Heaven Sect’s grand elders were collected, and Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling began to count the harvests one by one. On the one hand, it is the result of cleaning up, and on the other hand, it is also about finding a way in and out of the secret plane.

It must be said that the Greatest Heaven Sect is indeed very wealthy. Just these grand elders and the qiankun bags they carry together made the two female cultivators Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, who have seen many great things, smile happily.

You know, after being influenced by Yang Chen’s wealth, it is no longer possible for the two women to feel happy with trivial small objects. This time, the treasures of the grand elders made both women feel ecstatic.

A large number of spirit stones were thrown into a corner of the qiankun bag by the two women without even looking at them. What really interests them is the stuff these grand elders have at the bottom of their boxes. Whether it’s materials or medicinal ingredients, whatever they take out is something that can drive countless people crazy.

The two women, immersed in the excitement of dividing the spoils, were completely unaware of the changes in their surroundings. When they found a jade slip in a qiankun bag that recorded the method of entering and exiting the Greatest Heaven Sect’s reserve secret plane, before they could call Yang Chen, they suddenly became surprised.


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