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Chapter 1384: 1384

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1384 Would Not Let Her Off The Hook

The more Madam Lin looked at him, the more satisfied she was.

It seemed that she had been worrying for nothing.

Her son-in-law cared greatly for her daughter, and he was so humble and polite, too.

Her concerns were finally assuaged.

When she turned and saw her daughter sitting as still as a wooden doll, she could not help nudging her under the table, hinting for her to serve Long Xuan food.

Lin Qingyuan refused to do anything of the sort.

That fellow was a seasoned actor—he pretended to be gentle and sweet to her in front of her parents, but he was nothing like that in private.

Annoyed by her obstinacy, Madam Lin gave her a pinch.

Lin Qingyuan winced in pain and glared at her.

How could Mother do this to her? Was she even her real daughter?

Realizing that her mother would not let her off the hook if she kept refusing to serve Long Xuan, she reached out reluctantly with her chopsticks and carelessly filled his bowl with food.

She used her own chopsticks and served him spicy food on purpose.

She only stopped when there was a mountain of food in his bowl.

“I remember you love spicy food. Hurry up and eat, or it won’t taste as good when it gets cold.” She shot him a defiant look.

Actually, Madam Shen had told her that Long Xuan disliked spicy food, and for that reason, the food in his residence was usually mild and rarely spicy.

Long Xuan glanced at her, then at the spicy food in his bowl. He felt his throat go tight.

However, in the end, he picked up his chopsticks without a word and ate elegantly.

Lin Qingyuan kept observing him as he ate.

Unfortunately for her, the entire bowl of spicy food did not even make him flinch.

Naturally, Long Xuan sensed her scrutinizing gaze, and his lips quirked imperceptibly. While eating, he continued to serve her food caringly.

This, of course, earned him Minister Lin and Madam Lin’s approval once again.

Indeed, they had not made the wrong choice when they had chosen him as their son-in-law. Their daughter was truly blessed to be able to marry him.

Minister Lin was actually not a great drinker, but that did not stop him from enjoying wine like everyone else—though he soon grew tipsy after a few cups.

After dinner, he made up an excuse saying that he had work to do in the study and went to bed.

Carrying her son in her arms, Madam Lin asked Long Xuan, “Will you be staying here tonight or going back?”

Long Xuan smiled at Lin Qingyuan. “I’m fine with anything. I’ll leave the decision to Yuan’er.”

Goosebumps broke out all over Lin Qingyuan’s body when she heard him call her Yuan’er.

Before her mother could look at her, she jumped in, “I haven’t come back in a long time, so I’m definitely going to stay here tonight. If you have something else to do, you can go back now, or it’ll be inconvenient to travel when it gets dark later.”

To her dismay, Long Xuan said, “I don’t have anything else to do. Since you want to stay here, I’ll stay with you.”

Madam Lin was delighted to hear this. “That’s wonderful.”

After chatting for a while more, Madam Lin noticed that her son was getting sleepy and said to the other two, “It’s getting late—you should get to bed soon. Yuan’er, take Long Xuan to your room.”

Despite her reluctance, Lin Qingyuan could not refuse her mother, so she said to Long Xuan, “Let’s go.”

She was weary with frustration as she trudged back to her room.

She had thought that she could get some rest here in her natal home—until this man showed up like a pesky insect.

She plucked a leaf and imagined that it was Long Xuan’s face as she tore it to shreds.

Just then, she heard Long Xuan clear his throat.

She turned and glanced at him, only to find that his face was slightly red. Thinking that he was planning to try something funny again, she ignored him.

However, Long Xuan cleared his throat again.

Lin Qingyuan was about to snap at him impatiently when he suddenly pinned her against a nearby tree, lowered his head, and kissed her.

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